PMWeb in Detail

PMWeb comprises a core platform with a series of Modules and Toolkit items
- all of which can be purchased individually according to need.

The software can be installed on your own equipment or in an external facility at your choice.

PMWeb is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS).

PMWeb Modules

  • Planning: Portfolio Planning, Initiatives, conceptual and detailed Estimating, Assemblies, Items Catalogue, Procurement, and Online Bidding
  • Project Management (Cost Management): Funding, Budget, Contracts, Change Management, Invoicing, Cost Worksheet, Payments, Multi-Currency
  • Project Management (Templates & Forms): RFIs, Submittals, Daily Reports, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, Action Items, plus more…
  • Scheduling: Project, cross-Project, Portfolio, Claims Analysis, Cash flow, P6 and MS Project Import
  • Asset Management: Geographical Breakdown Structure (GBS), Work Orders, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Dispatch Board, Equipment Management, Inventory Tracking, Lease Management
  • Workflow: Visual Workflow

The Business Intelligence platform is included across all Modules - built on Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), one of the world's leading Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms (See Figure 1 at right). The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms has only 3 global leaders – of these, Microsoft BI is #1 for both completeness of vision and ability to execute. 

Toolbox Items

  • Integration Manager (including PMWeb API)
  • Stage Gates
  • Document Manager
  • Vendor Approver
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • SAML Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Aconex Integration
  • Timesheets
  • Risk Analysis
  • Resource Management
  • Bluebeam Integration
  • Autodesk Forge 3D BIM Integration

PMWeb Licenses

There are three types of PMWeb licences:

  • Full User (named)
  • Collaboration User (concurrent)
  • Collaboration User (named)

Collaboration Users are restricted to “View Only” for Cost, Planning and Scheduling - otherwise Collaboration Users can participate in WorkFlow, Toolbox items etc.

With Named User licences, only the Named User may log on – Named User licences may be easily transferred at no cost to a new Named User when required.

A Concurrent User licence allows any number of Users but only one can be logged on at a time

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PMWeb is 100% web-based. The software and data may be located on your own servers (either on shared or dedicated equipment, including in a Virtual Machine environment) or in any third-party hosting environment approved by you. PMWeb is zero-footprint software and does not require any client-side controls or additional software such as flash, silverlight, activeX, etc.

Whether hosted internally or externally, the hosting requirements typically relate to the number of licences – although atypical document storage requirements may require adjustment to the level of storage.

Web Servers can be physical / virtual or a mix of both. High-availability can be achieved physically using load-balancers or using the virtual machine infrastructure or using a mixture of both.Web servers can be internal-only (intranet or VPN-based), or exposed to the internet via SSL.

Database Servers can be either physical or virtual but not mixed in order for clustering to work properly.

More information on PMWeb Hosting

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a good option where the application is for one or more specific projects for a limited period, or where a Client does not want to maintain an IT infrastructure. Typically SaaS is less expensive over a two to three year period, depending on the software and licences purchased; and slightly more expensive by the end of four years. At the end of a SaaS period, however, the Client has no residual asset apart from the database which is delivered back to the Client in a Microsoft SQL Server database format - able to then be read by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

SaaS includes:

  • Project Management Core Module
  • Visual WorkFlow
  • Document Manager
  • Asset Explorer
  • Hosting.

Click here for more details on SaaS

More information

Please Contact Us if you would like more information on PMWeb, including access to any of the restricted linked pages on this site.

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Figure 1 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and
              Business Intelligence platforms