PMWeb Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

PMWeb Software as a Service (SaaS) is a popular means to access PMWeb's powerful features without purchasing the Modules and licences.

SaaS can be a cost-effective alternative for managing individual projects or a group of projects for up to three or four years. Typically, by Year 3 or Year 4, it is more cost-effective to purchase the software and licences compared to the ongoing costs of SaaS.

Other considerations include Hosting costs (including SQL Server licencing) and the number of licences involved, as these factors can also influence the overall cost. Some Clients prefer SaaS, even with the higher cost for the software/licences after Year 3 or Year 4, because it removes the responsibility for maintaining an IT infrastructure. Sometimes this is an advantage; and other times it is not so much of a factor because the IT infrastructure is being maintained for other purposes anyway.

SaaS is a popular alternative where cashflow is a consideration, as there is no purchase involved.

SaaS can also be used to evaluate PMWeb software through use in the field, prior to proceeding with purchase.

What's included

The standard SaaS package comprises:

PMWeb's core module with Business Intelligence Reporting
Project Management (including Contract Management and Cost Management)
Document Management
Visual Workflow
Asset Explorer
The required number of PMWeb Licences
Hosting by PMWeb
1TB storage (higher for larger numbers of Licences)
Unlimited Internet

The minimum SaaS term is 12 months. After the first 12 months, the SaaS service may be renewed on an annual basis.

Speed of set-up

PMWeb SaaS is operational in its out-of-the-box form within seven (7) business days of signing the SaaS Agreement.

Implementation can be fast-tracked by running Training and initial configuration in parallel to suit Client requirements - see details on our Quick Start Packages which can complete this training and set-up in 10-15 days according to specific Client requirements.

More comprehensive configurations can take 30 days, a few months or longer; all depending on how much a Client wants us to undertake and how much work will be done by the Client's own Team once we have trained them. Further details are provided on the Implementation page.


Facility Location

PMWeb SaaS is available from multiple locations:

  • Australia: Delivered via using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Amazon EC2 cloud - AWS has been the world's #1 provider of Cloud infrastructure for ten years in a row (Gartner Magic Quadrant, August 2020). All data is restricted to the Australian availability zones, ensuring all all data is retained in Australia.
  • USA: Hosted by PMWeb, typically using the AWS EC2 Cloud. This SaaS solution presents some economies for organisations that do not require data to be retained solely in Australia.
  • Other locations: Ireland, Germany, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and Central Canada

Additional Modules
If other PMWeb modules or toolkit items are required, these are available at additional cost and are activated for the period of the SaaS agreement. As these additional items are activated for use, rather than purchased as would be the case in on-premise, there is no additional charge for all ongoing support and maintenance for those items (including no charge for all future upgrades).

Dedicated Server
A dedicated server can be provided for an additional fee. This also allows the creation of a separate URL and Clients can be given direct access to the Server. This in turn allows direct access to the SQL Server database. Some Clients will operate two separate servers, one for Production and one for all non-Production activity.

Additional storage
Many Clients do not use the full document management capabilities of PMWeb, but focus rather on the Project Management, Contract Management, Cost Management, Workflow and general governance features (including Change Control and the management of Risks, Issues, Actions, Decisions and Benefits) - hence 1TB (1,000GB) storage is adequate. For Clients requiring greater storage, this can be increased when needed on a pre-set scale of charges. For larger Implementations, unlimited storage can be included in the total offering.

Typically we supply a Quick Start Package with SaaS - which provides the necessary initial configuration and training. Additional implementation services are provided to meet Client requirements and are typically based on a fixed lump sum for a defined scope of work.