Asset Explorer

Asset Explorer functionality is included as part of the Asset Management Module.

This useful functionality is also included in the standard PMWeb Software as a Service (SaaS) package. Asset Explorer allows you to maintain all your facilities and assets, including those under development:

  • Locations, sub-locations
  • Buildings, spaces, floors and rooms
  • Roads / Rail
  • Equipment (of all types)

These features allow you to:

  • Rapidly locate assets and equipment
  • Move assets with the click of a mouse
  • Automate a history of asset moves.

The Asset Explorer (shown below) allows you to easily create and organize your facilities, locations, and equipment in a familiar way. Drag and drop lets you move equipment directly on the screen and automatically creates an audit trail of each move. Simply right click to quickly and easily add new locations, buildings, spaces, equipment, etc. Track standard metadata or create your own set of criteria to track per asset.

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