The Operate segment of the project lifecycle can vary significantly for each organisation. PMWeb has the flexibility to meet client needs, whether these are to track basic high-level information; plan and implement strategy, governance, processes and systems to global standards; or handle the fine detail of day-to-day asset management in all its dimensions


The data used to plan and build a project is invaluable when it comes time to actually operate the asset. In PMWeb, all of that data remains linked to the asset so that none of it is lost, nor does it need to be rekeyed. Locations, facilities, linear assets, equipment and their subcomponents can all be tracked, monitored, mapped, bar coded and assessed with the Asset Management module. In addition, preventive and predictive maintenance can be created to manage the asset lifecycles along with Work Requests and Work Orders. The Work Orders feature helps inspect assets and can be used to plan potential future projects. The tools for Asset Management operate seamlessly with all other areas of PMWeb. The structure of PMWeb's Asset Management module in conjunction with its other modules also facilitates coordination with any external Enterprise Asset Management system.

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PMWeb allows you to define and manage an unlimited number of leases, both cost and revenue, with its trademark ease and efficiency. Leases can be simple agreements or complex contracts with sophisticated charge calculations. Lease abstract details can be tracked and monitored and lease data can be automatically merged into the lease forms you currently use. One of the many unique features of PMWeb Leasing is that you can, if you wish, link together multiple assets as defined “Suites”. Assets that can be linked to Suites include Locations, Buildings, Floors, Spaces and Equipment. PMWeb Leasing is a robust lease management solution that combines ease of use, always on access and direct integration with Planning, Project Management and Workflow.

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