Core Module

Core Module

The PMWeb Core module is included as the basis for setting up and configuring the PMWeb solution. PMWeb is designed so that the client has control of making setup and configuration changes to the system without the need of consultants.

As part of our implementation program, we will train the individuals you designate as your “PMWeb Champions” to administer and support PMWeb on their own. The Core module provides the user friendly interface and control that the super-users will need to accomplish this task.

The items below to demonstrate how much control you have with the PMWeb user interface:

  • Programs – PMWeb gives you the ability to not only organize your projects into programs you define, but also manage the programs. Security, workflow routing approvals, dashboards, and reports can all be managed at the program level.
  • Projects – projects can be created with a few clicks from project templates.
  • WBS and Cost Codes – Create your Work Breakdown Structure and Cost Codes to match your needs. If some projects require more detailed codes or a different setup, PMWeb allows you to have different cost code structures for different projects with unlimited levels - and to then design these codes to roll costs up in an appropriate matter for consolidation into Program and Portfolio dashboard views.The multiple WBS feature can also be used to create a set of codes perfectly aligned to an Enterprise financial management/accounting system and/or an Enterprise Asset Management system - allowing costs to be consolidated within PMWeb in a pre-determined manner for ease of reporting and exchange with these external systems.
  • Security – you have control with user security at multiple levels: portfolio, program, project, specific feature, actions/rights at both the form and field level, conditional security, password enforcement rules.
  • Companies/Contacts – import companies and contacts, vendor pre-qualifications (no license required), vendor authorization, link to projects, Google-like searching throughout.
  • Custom Fields – PMWeb allows you to add new fields in a variety of field types in including integer, double, currency, date, checkbox, text, lists (default and custom). The custom fields can be added to existing business processes or added to your custom business processes.
  • Lists - Easily populate dropdown lists with your terminology or create custom lists
  • Items – Import items to be used as default selections throughout the system. Items can include submittals, items used in conceptual estimates, contract line items, change orders, and more.
  • Checklists – create default checklists to automatically certain features. For example, if there is a “Project Checklist” or a “Contract Checklist”, you can have all those items automatically added to the Project or Contract process. Tracks when items are completed and by whom.
  • Audit Log – track users interactions with the system as well as what data was updated.

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