New Releases

PMWeb is continually increasing functionality in response to feedback from its Clients and feedback from the Market.

Historically, PMWeb has averaged two major releases per year. Major releases contain important new features, record types and/or modules. Incremental releases tend to occur more frequently, approximately once a quarter; and focus on feature enhancements, usually system-wide. System patches are released as necessary to address issues such as maintaining browser compatibility.

Clients are notified when a release is available, what changes the release includes (via release notes) and are given the option of installing the release or not. PMWeb support teams work closely with the client to manage the update and upgrade process. Upgrades are scheduled with the client to ensure minimal disruption to the business. All data is secured during updates, backups are performed as well as schema comparisons post upgrade to ensure data integrity.

See summary of PMWeb annual releases, through to and including v7.3 in November 2022