The PMWeb Difference

PMWeb stands in a unique position in terms of its rapid adoption globally. This is the result of its development as a web-based solution from first principles and its incorporation of “lessons learned” from major programs of capital works over the last nine years since it was launched in 2007.

Prior to 2007, PMWeb was providing add-on solutions for existing third-party products - products that, while effective in their specific areas of operation, had been growing historically by developing “add-ons” or “bolt-ons” over many years. The net results were issues in configuration and inter-operation of the various components, complicated by an overlay of the rapid growth in web-based technologies.

PMWeb resolved to develop a 100% web-based solution that is built on technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services; together with a high level of “out of the box” interoperability with common delivery tools such as Excel, Word, MS Project and Primavera.

After more than ten years of further development and a global user community of tens of thousands, PMWeb now provides:

  • A high level of “out of the box” functionality specifically developed to manage the entire lifecycle of capital works projects
  • Comprehensive roll-ups from project to program to portfolio level with powerful dashboard/ reporting functionality
  • Powerful Visual Workflow and Gating tools that can be applied to any element in the project lifecycle
  • A state-of-the-art architecture that allows ready integration with virtually any existing system or software configuration – even bespoke legacy systems
  • Fully developed “out of the box” integrations with Excel, Word, MS Project and Primavera
  • A Modular approach, allowing a Client to acquire the specific functionality it requires on “Day One” and then increase functionality over time
  • A high level of User customisation capabilities, reducing the need for engaging third-parties to modify the operation of PMWeb as a Client’s own processes and systems change over time

The demands of modern project lifecycle management – including the need for ready access to real-time data and responsive reporting on that data – have increased the functionality required in this sort of software to the point that few if any providers can deliver the full range of what is required. PMWeb can and does.

More information

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2003 to 2006
  • Accounting integrations introduced on leading construction cost control systems.
  • Estimating integrations.
  • Custom dashboards and business intelligence reporting.
  • Custom workflows, interactive dashboards, outlook integrations, earned value and cash flow.
  • PMWeb officially introduced with Workflow, Estimating, and integrations. All 100% web based
  • Visual Workflow
  • Project Management
  • Cost Control
  • Scheduling
  • Zero Footprint
  • Multi‐browse Support
  • Drag and Drop
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • User Defined Cost Worksheet
  • Asset management
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Multi Language and Currency
  • User Defined Data Forms
  • Portfolio and Cap/Ex Planning
  • Asset Management Task List
  • Accounting Systems Integration
  • Master Commitments
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Online Take-off
  • Zero footprint doc viewer with redline
  • SharePoint Integration
  • LDAP integration
  • Advanced Notifications
  • Automatic email capture
  • PMWeb Report Writer
  • Interface menu designer
  • Increases ease of use throughout based on customer feedback
  • Stage/Toll Gates
  • Hijri Calendar
  • Advanced Procurement and Vendor Prequalification
  • Leasing Tracking Multi‐ project WBS
  • Enhanced Form Builder
  • Custom Form Builder enhancements: freeform placement of custom fields, calculated fields allows for simple to complex functions between existing and custom fields
  • Expanded audit trail functionality
  • Integration Manager enhancements
  • 1 dashboard entry page increased to 10 dashboards, user define-able
  • Scoring feature expanded throughout system with drag and drop
  • Checklists feature expanded throughout system with drag and drop
  • Advanced Payments Feature (A/R and A/P Payments and Batch Payments)
  • Portfolio Planning, one click copy for “what if” scenario planning
  • Entry Page, unlimited dashboards
  • Entry Page, user define-able
  • Security granularity spread to all modules
  • HTML user define-able email templates (workflow, notifications)
  • Workflow branching
  • Delegation (workflow)
  • Approve workflow via email
  • Documents trackable as records with metadata and workflow
  • Events and Reminders
  • Usability refinements
  • Assets linked to Projects
  • Enhanced Workflow, Team Input and Advanced Branching
  • Online Change Requests
  • Pre-Bid records
  • Tablet Optimizations
  • Lock Cost Periods and Cost Codes individually
  • Asset Management enhancements, work orders and dispatch board redesigned
  • BI Reporting Enhancements, report scheduler user define-able
  • Integration APIs increased
  • Linear Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Initiatives and Planning Enhanced
  • Single Sign-on, SAML and LDAP updates
  • Visual Workflow configuration utility, more drag and drop
  • Audit trail expanded to custom forms
  • Usability refinements
  • Interface Update
  • Revised Values
  • Pre-Project for Initiatives
  • PMWeb Viewer enhanced
  • PBS (program/project breakdown structure)
  • Comments (Collaborate), record w/threads
  • Integration Manager enhancements
  • Advanced Multi-Currency
  • Mobile App
  • Scheduling Module Redesign
  • Enhanced Resource Management
  • BIM and COBie enhancements
  • Scheduling module redesign
  • Resource Management redesigned
  • BIM and COBie enhancements
  • 3D Viewer, Autodesk Forge integration
  • PMWeb viewer enhancements, new tools, quick link to records, still zero footprint
  • Project Breakdown Structure
  • Project Request feature expanded
  • Bluebeam Integration
  • Dedicated Mobile App (iOS, Android, offline synching)
  • Resource Management, visual drag & drop assignment
  • Cloud to Cloud integrations
  • BI Reporting enhancements
  • Hosting Centre upgrades, servers, OS, and SQL
  • Usability and configuration tool enhancements
  • Free placement of custom fields in header
  • Visual Workflow enhancements, greater flexibility and configuration options
  • Copy/Paste from excel expanded
  • DocuSign Integration
  • BI Reporting advancements
  • Closeout Tool
  • Archive Tool
  • Hosting Centre enhancements, security, infrastructure, backup utilities
  • API enhancements
  • Continued development on Responsive Design GUI
  • V7.0 Release (Responsive Design GUI)
  • Client controls for Log-in page image
  • Client controls for colour palette throughout
  • Page layout and control updates
  • Toolbar layout updates
  • Control Panel with overlay menus
  • Interactive breadcrumbs bar
  • Recent Records button
  • Many enhancements for ease of use
  • V7.1 Release
  • Activities Boards (Trello/Kanban-style collaboration tools)
  • Inspections module
  • Extensive changes to Document Manager and Attachment features
  • Copy to Excel and Paste from Excel added to more records throughout
  • Profile button added to Control Panel
  • Negative payments are now supported
  • Many additional usability enhancements
  • V7.2 and v7.3 Releases
  • Return the folder tree pane to Document Manager Version 7.3 together with multiple Document Manager enhancements: user-defined layouts added to the root folders; new default system layouts in the root folders; folder and file counts added to the root folders (new since the last time the user opened the file); column filters added to the root folders; interactive Bookmark, Subscribe, PMWeb Viewer, and Bluebeam buttons added to list views [Note: PMWeb Viewer and Bluebeam integration require separate licensing]; Added By and Modified By split into separate fields to allow greater filtering and sorting control; column filters added to all list views; "Added By" and "Added" now included in the Advanced Search dialog; the system remembers the folder tree pane's expanded/collapsed state and width by user; the mobile interface for Document Manager completely updated.
  • Additional currency option
  • Return the folder tree pane to the Attach from Document Manager dialog
  • Change the font colors of the tab labels in Home page. Unselected tab names are white. Selected tab names are user-selected color #3
  • Add breadcrumbs back to the Home page
  • Upgraded to .NET framework 4.8 and added support for TLS 1.3.