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What is Organisational Data Management and Why Does It Matter For Program/Project Controls?

HKA Tech's Travis Hamera provides insights....

Program/project control systems like PMWeb allow project teams to consistently manage and monitor the core elements of project management including scope, budget and schedule. They provide day to day tools to support these efforts while additionally creating a consistent process and repository for an organisation to have visibility into not only the individual projects but across their entire organization. These are typically complex tools used to manage activities that are both complex and data/process intensive.

So how can this truly provide the executive/organisational transparency without requiring senior managers/directors to learn “yet another system” for occasional access and review? And what about the information from all the other enterprise systems that are related? Systems such as:

  • Financial Management/Accounting
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Asset Management
  • BIM

The answer is to prepare and implement an organisational data management strategy to address the following key components:

  1. Data Access: Data should be visible and accessible to those who need it to make well-informed decisions across the business
  2. Data Quality: Data should be reliable, trustworthy, & auditable
  3. Data Analysis: Data can tell us what is and is not working within our process / procedures
  4. Data Visualization: Need to be able to “see” what the data can tell us

There are many tools available to support the strategy. The key is to utilise a tool that allows each organisation to build their organisation data model (a mapping and centralised data warehousing of key information across all related systems). The following is a simplified model:

One example that is typically already available to most organisations is Microsoft’s Power Platform. The Power Platform is tightly integrated with tools such as Office 365, on-premise or cloud application databases, and even local data such as excel spreadsheets. There are various tools available to manage the cleansing/preparation of the source data, transforming the data and transporting to secure data storage (such as Microsoft’s Azure data solutions), and finally modern applications to view and access this rich data cloud. For many organisations, the initial licensing to access, store and view their organisational data model is likely already included within their current office 365 services.

PMIS (Project Management Information System) Implementations and Digital Adoption

HKA Tech's Patrick Mason writes on challenges and solutions

As technology becomes evermore present in the construction industry, the challenge of fully utilising these new capabilities is a struggle many organisations have yet to overcome. It is not uncommon for owners, contractors, subcontractors and architects to spend months reviewing PMIS software during an RFP process to then spend 3-18 months on a full fledged implementation, only to have their end users push back on the new policies and processes out of frustration, fear, confusion or apathy. This leads to wasted time, wasted budget, frustrated employees and missed goals; the least desirable scenario. In this circumstance, there is a gap between the technology and people where the best laid intentions die. Digital Adoption is the concept designed to bridge that gap.

Many questions are asked during a PMIS implementation: What are the current policies? What are the biggest drawbacks with these policies? What can technology do to alleviate these drawbacks? How can leadership use technology to make better, more efficient decisions? How can software be reconfigured to meet leadership’s needs? In a well planned implementation, these questions are all answered and the software is built to all the necessary specifications. It has largely been expected that once the implementation is complete, the benefits of the new system will be immediately understood and experienced, but this is not always the case. Why not?

The short answer is that there is a lack of understanding about the need for new software. To many users, there was no need to change. They were doing their job before, why should they change now? Answering this leads deep into the realm of Organizational Change Management, but once that’s answered, there is still the training users to use the new software: Where are the buttons I need to press to do my job? How do I navigate this new software? How can I spend less time with all this new data entry I’m being required to complete? Digital Adoption is the art of simplifying the process of training a software novice to become a software master. When Digital Adoption has been performed successfully, the end users will feel that the software was built for them and that the processes are intuitive and clear.

There are many paths to successful Digital Adoption. HKA has successfully delivered on Digital Adoption through their partnership with WalkMe, a Digital Adoption Platform due to the following reasons. 1) WalkMe’s highly customised on screen interactive guidance has replaced the traditional user manual and has been instrumental in expediting new user onboarding. 2) WalkMe has allowed HKA to put contextual guidance exactly where end users are most likely to feel friction within the software and alleviate pain before it can start. 3) Customised logic and branching questions allow users to be successfully navigate through complicated processes with ease. 4) WalkMe was used to augment system functionality and provide features that the host PMIS either lacked or would have incurred exceptional development time and costs.

By using WalkMe, the confusion and frustration that normally accompany software changes is significantly decreased, allowing the benefits of the new system to be quickly and fully realised.
The concept of Digital Adoption is new, but it is one that the construction industry must accept and prioritise. Technology, software and PMIS are on the rise and will continue to grow within our industry; and it behooves leaders to find ways to capitalise on this efficiently. The advantages of having a workforce become immediate masters of new software are obvious, while the effects of poorly managed Digital Adoption are catastrophic. Platforms like WalkMe and implementers like HKA are at the leading edge of this charge. HKA has a proven track record of achieving the results leaders expect and are excited to continue pioneering new ways to facilitate the construction industry’s adoption of more effective project management through technology.


HKA's fifth Annual CRUX Insight Report reveals how global headwinds threaten further damaging overruns in costs and delivery of construction and engineering projects. Claims and disputes on 1,602 projects in 100 countries were investigated by expert consultants for the latest CRUX Insight report. The combined CAPEX of these projects amounted to more than US$2.13 trillion. Headline statistics from this year’s report include:

  • Over 1,600 projects across 100 countries valued at more than $2 trillion were analysed at first hand by expert consultants.
  • On average, costs claimed in disputes amounted to $98.7 million per project and more than a third of their capital expenditure (35.1% of CAPEX).
  • Projects faced even heavier losses in time. Claimed time extensions average 16.5 months – equivalent to 68.6% of the original planned project duration.
  • Conflicts over contract interpretation, design failings and change in scope plague projects, with some notable variations in regions and industries.

PMWeb User Conference 2022

HKA was delighted to participate once again in the PMWeb user conference held in November in Sunny Isles, FL. It was the first in-person conference since the Covid-19 shutdowns; and it had the greatest turnout ever for a PMWeb conference. Five members of the HKA-Tech team provided training and presented throughout the 3-day event. On the first day Joe Reeder and Travis Hamera provided training on Advanced SQL Database Queries and Using PowerBI with PMWeb. The second day Travis Hamera presented with UC Davis on how they are using PMWeb to manage a $5B+ medical campus expansion; Joe Reeder discussed how to transition from construction to facility management with Marc Brown from Orange County Sanitation District; and Karen Lassus demonstrated with Jon Enser (pictured below) from the Colorado Department of Transportation how they set up PMWeb for a continuous improvement process. Tyler Monson and Konstantine Tonas kicked off the third day of the conference with their long standing “Tips and Tricks” session, and then Travis Hamera closed out the conference with a presentation on organizational data management, just before everyone left to avoid Hurricane Nicole. We are excited to return again in 2023!

First US Project Controls Expo

HKA Tech partnered with PMWeb as a Platinum Partner at the first US Project Controls Expo in Washington, D.C. The event was held at the Nationals Baseball Event centre where one mixer event was spent at batting cage practice! (turns out, that’s harder than it looks!)

There were over 200 attendees from various industries including mining, roadways and sanitation.

Tyler Monson, along with Gary Dubin from Brown & Caldwell, batted “clean-up” on the last day with their presentation on how HKA utilises PMWeb to manage the $2 Billion Echo Water project in Sacramento, California.

[For those wondering about the "clean-up" reference above, you can read more here]

Pic 1 – (L-R) Patrick Mason, Tyler Monson, Gary Dubin
Pic 2 – (L-R) Gary Dubin, Patrick Mason, Tyler Monson – at the Nationals Baseball Stadium
Pic3 – (L-R) Ken Damon, Bobby Brown, Scott Fluhrer, Tyler Monson, Patrick Mason, and Kyle Cross

Data, Friend or Foe to Megaprojects

HKA's Phil Kienstra and Mark Woodhouse are presenting at the Melbourne Project Controls Expo on Data, Friend or Foe to Megaprojects. Megaprojects produce a huge amount of data which can make you feel like you are wrestling a crocodile.

This presentation will take a walk through the reality of data and reporting performance on Megaprojects; how technology has changed over the years; discuss how these changes can be utilised to take the pain out of every reporting cycle; and how this will then enable you to always have your finger on the pulse of the project and become truly collaborative with your supply chain.

Using PMWeb to Implement PMWeb

Karen Lassus writes on her experience with CDOT

HKA utilizes various tools to manage their implementations. The majority of HKA’s PMWeb clients will be familiar with Trello, which HKA utilizes for tracking task management and technical tickets. However, HKA has also utilized PMWeb records to capture information related to the client’s implementation. Most commonly a PMWeb Implementation project is created and the Schedule is uploaded to provide the implementation team the proposed schedule and sequence of activities prior to actual discovery and spring planning. Other records may also be used on client request such as Action Items and Meeting Minutes.

Some clients opt to “use PMWeb to implement PMWeb” through use of a Form Builder record. The clients support the idea of having a record in their system which memorializes the work performed on for their software implementation and many times this becomes the first project in their system. One such client is the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

The client example highlighted in this article is a Form Builder form titled Configuration Framework. CDOT’s record contains

tabs related to implementation components: requirements, assignments, discovery, configuration, testing, training, and release with defined tables determining the data to be captured as part of the project’s documentation requirements. For other clients the form and its supporting tables can be adjusted to be more or less granular as needed. The Details tab, as shown below, captures the record’s description and purpose and corresponding benefits.

It documents high level scope and conceptual requirements and assignments for the client’s implementation team. If this particular record is associated with another closely related record (such as Submittal Items and Submittal Sets), those are documented as many of the same requirements will apply and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will likely be the same.

The record attachments include discovery and configuration related documents including concept diagrams, session notes, configuration mock-up graphics, test scripts, training material or other relevant data. Information includes basic data on which PMWeb record was configured to meet relevant scope requirements. Other metadata deemed beneficial can be added such as this record’s priority, it’s value to the organization or it’s anticipated level of effort.

Within the Discovery Details tab tables include standard questions on record type, retention requirements, inputs, outputs, etc. that are typically discussed in all discovery sessions. An additional table exists for capture of non-standard discovery items identified which are not part of the standard list.

In addition, known security groups are documented at the time of record configuration identifying what level of access for the form they will have.

The Acceptance Criteria tab contains agreed upon criteria to be used as the basis for determining successful user acceptance testing.

Within the configuration tab are the list of record fields, as they have been configured prior to release, including any customizations and custom reports. This tab documentations each field, its location, type, default value, and field level security for the majority of the security groups. If integration is part of the scope the field can be noted as an integrated field. Post release this document is very helpful for the client’s administrators as they can see data without having to go to more than one place in PMWeb.

The QC & Testing tab documents quality control checks by both HKA and the client. In addition, if functional testing and user acceptance testing are separate activities (which for some large clients they can be), these tables allow for documentation of the testers, testing dates, results and any notes provided by the testers.

Training: This particular client’s first release was successfully accomplished during the pandemic by way of virtual training. Alternate use of this could be to document training types (e.g., train the trainer or admin training), students, and training material. Training session(s) are helpful to know who has undergone training and, if using a multiple release schedule, which release they were trained on.

Release Checklist(s): The checklist table would be considered an internal list used by the administrators as a second quality control check prior to release. Target release dates are helpful and can be utilized in reporting so end users can anticipate when features will become available to them.

Finally, depending on the sprint and release cycle approved by the client, workflow may be applied to the configuration record to allow for stakeholders to review the documentation and authorize release and approval of the record. Workflow may start as early as the record’s initial discovery session or at sprint start with step approvals at completion of requirements compilation, acceptance criteria, configuration, testing and training. It also serves as an official turnover of that record type upon release so that there is common agreement of acceptance.

Because this is a Form Builder form, it can be modified to client requirements and nomenclature to contain the information important for that implementation. The contents and process are individualized to the client, allowing the project team to use PMWeb to Implement PMWeb. The possibilities for use of PMWeb just keep growing.

HKA and the London Legal Walk 2022

HKA Tech's Michael Konieczka was organizer for HKA's team in the London Legal Walk 2022, an annual event that was held this year on June 28th and raised more than £590,000 ($1+ million) for the London Legal Support Trust. This Trust supports legal advice charities in London and the South East through organising fundraising events, to enable grants to be made where support is most needed. The advice agencies assisted - more than 100 - make a huge difference to people’s lives, reducing debt, poverty and homelessness, and combating discrimination and injustice.

More that 800 teams and 12,000 walkers that took part in the 2022 London Legal Walk. The HKA team comprised Robert Adnitt, Mihaela Acorda Aguilar, Justin Axten, Karen Best, Emily Campbell, Stephen Castell, Frances Clark, Hamish Clark, Jess Chong, Felipe Fantucci, Tina Farrow, Josephine Guckian, Rais Harris, Julia Humpidge, Ekrem Kaya, Sarah Keyte, Michael Konieczka, Paul Mansell, Loren Martin, Kay Murray, Shaun O'Mahoney, Suzanne Rayson, Frankie Rhodes, Shaun Russell, Hari Sunuwar, Janice Tam, Sheila Taylor, Vicky Tyrie, Fiona Wilke and Morgan Wolfe. Congratulations to all!

Read more - and donate here

PMWeb Global Partner Conference

16-17 May, 2022 - HKA Tech participated in this year’s PMWeb Global Partner Conference held near PMWeb’s new corporate head quarters in Miami Florida. For two days partners from around the world met with the PMWeb executive team to discuss the direction of the capital project management industry; and how PMWeb will meet its ever-expanding needs. We are excited for new features that will be coming this year - and in the future!

New appointment - Local Government Procurement

HKA Tech has been appointed as an accredited supplier of PMWeb SaaS for Local Government Procurement (LGP). LGP is a business arm of Local Government NSW (LGNSW), the membership association for all councils in NSW. LGP is also a ‘prescribed entity’ under s55 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW). This means that councils do not need to go to tender for values greater than the tendering threshold (as they normally would be required to do) and may, instead, utilise supply arrangements coordinated by LGP. Since commencing in 2006, it is estimated that LGP has been responsible for saving eligible customers hundreds of millions of dollars. This has been achieved through better pricing via economies of scale and time and opportunity cost savings in not needing to go out to tender.

Read more

CDOT - End User Innovation

HKA's Sassha Jeffries writes on how CDOT is using PMWeb to provide best-in-class support for its end users as PMWeb is rolled out across the organization.

Transportation impacts our lives each day — from the bridges you cross to the signs you read to the construction reports you follow. A good transportation system allows us to travel to work, enjoy recreational activities and access health care. It allows companies to provide products and services to consumers.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) exists to ensure that Colorado has a safe and efficient highway system by building and maintaining interstates, U.S. highways and state highways.

To manage these state-wide highway projects with varied complexity, cost and type, CDOT procured PMWeb. PMWeb is being used for both Pre-Construction and Construction management activities across all CDOT regions across the state. Additionally, they have been innovative in leveraging PMWeb to support end-user system adoption. Navigating a new system can be confusing to an organization in the beginning, so CDOT developed both a dedicated, internal PMWeb “Support Website” and they have also leveraged PMWeb through custom configuration to collect “Help Requests” from end users while transitioning through training and implementation.

This valued resource built within PMWeb allows for a team to document and respond to questions, concerns and technical issues as they arise in an efficient manner. It also allows management to understand pain points, training opportunities and it opens the lines of communication between teams.

Currently, CDOT is live with the Pre-Construction phase, tracking projects, milestones, schedules and deliverables through Stage Gates, SAP Integration and more. Within the demanding boundaries of managing these vast projects, users can feel a sense of support and relief that their ideas are welcomed within the very system they now rely on. With great success, there are over 150 “Help Requests” that have been submitted from all Regions, which speaks to the power of Corporate-to-Project Team support while they continue to manage complex projects in a new system.

User Request form:

User Request Manager's log:

Editor's Note:
Thank you Sassha!
HKA has also implemented the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform as part of CDOT's commitment to its End Users.

All the best for the holiday season

Click to visit HKA's holiday greeting!


HKA has launched its fourth CRUX Insight Report, Operating in Uncertain Times, A Regional Analysis of Causation. The report highlights the astounding scale of cash and time lost on construction and engineering projects around the globe. It identifies and analyses the principal causes of claims and disputes; and offers actionable insights and suggestions to help owners, contractors and the supply chain navigate the risks and minimise or avoid the problems our consultants highlight.

CRUX’s findings are based on investigations of more than 1,400 projects in 94 countries. Combined, they represent a total capital expenditure of over US$2 trillion.


PMWeb7 - Version 7.1 now available - June 2021

PMWeb has now released Version 7.1, with a wide array of enhancements that make every corner of the platform more powerful and easier to use, including these major new features:

  • PMWeb Activity Boards
  • PMWeb Inspections

In addition, version 7.1 includes a complete reinvention of:

  • PMWeb Document Manager
  • Attachments Tabs

Activities Boards

PMWeb Activity Boards directly integrate the power and flexibility of a Kanban board with a robust construction project management platform. Kanban boards, a key element in agile project development methodology, give stakeholders a central location to identify work to be done; collaborate on the work process; and monitor its completion. PMWeb Activity Boards make it simple and easy to create tasks, discuss them with other users, and share progress toward completion. Boards can be created at any time and can represent an entire project or just a portion of one. Best of all, tasks can be directly linked to other PMWeb records, so they be used to organise anything and everything you do.


With PMWeb Inspections, you can assess the state of anything you want, using criteria that you define yourself. Interactive inspection points can be placed on images if you wish, and you can use an inspection to automatically generate Work Requests, Work Orders, Initiatives, and Projects.

More Information

PMWeb7 v7.1 Release Notes

Activity Boards


Document Manager

    HKA Speakers at the 2020 Project Controls Virtual Expo

    HKA speakers from the HKA Tech and HKA Advisory service streams covered a range of topics at the 2020 Project Controls Virtual Expo, with videos of each presentation now available

    Michael Konieczka, HKA Tech, London

    Michael spoke on the subject of Business Intelligence Dashboards and reporting, with a focus on the factors that best engage viewers.


    Peter Aynsley, HKA Tech, Sydney

    Peter spoke on the fast-track implementation of PMWeb for the Government of Western Australia's Department of Communities.


    Jessie Schilling, HKA Advisory, Sydney

    Jessie spoke on transcending traditional paradigms to innovate in the project controls environment.


    HKA Tech 2020 Year End

    The HKA Tech Team gathered to celebrate 2020, notwithstanding its challenges – and set a challenge for each team member. Since 2020 had forced us all to create our individual new and exciting work spaces, we thought we would have a little “office” decorating contest, Each person had to decorate their “home office” and take a video of it (no more than one minute in length) to present at the get-together. Three award categories were agreed:

    • Best overall
    • Second Place
    • Best use of Santa, Elf on the shelf, or Gino

    The results were:

    First place – Travis

    Travis artfully created the home (Lair) of the Grinch on Mount Crumpit as well as Whoville. These locations will be well-known to readers of Dr Seuss and/or followers of The Grinch. Whoville itself is located within a floating speck of dust which was then placed onto a clover flower by Horton the Elephant. The residents of Whoville have been described as “whimsical, animal-like creatures” (Wikipedia) and Travis’ vision of these residents was as follows:

    Second place – Ken

    Ken’s space was the subject of a short video that has since been removed from YouTube (by the author). Those who saw the video will understand why – some baby photos should just stay in the album in the trunk (at the bottom of the sea….).

    Nevertheless, with the video living in everyone’s memory, it snagged the number 2 spot.

    Best use of Santa, Elf on the shelf, or Gino - Rick

    Rick decided to combine some of these elements and also took a brave position on Santa’s “Naughty and Nice” lists for Christmas, scattering his creations through a warm home environment


    The three awards were a hard call, determined in the end by popular vote. There were many creative “home office” environments that took some people quite a bit more than the “maximum one minute” to show us all. With winners in each of the three categories, all remaining entries were declared an equal draw

    New Video on The PMWeb Difference

    December 2020

    • PMWeb has released a new video that provides compelling information on why the world’s leading organizations are selecting PMWeb. Since 2007, PMWeb has been used by tens of thousands of global users to manage their Plan | Build | Operate lifecycles. The PMWeb platform and innovations are making PMWeb the solution of choice for The Fortune 500 as a result of its comprehensive features, functionality, and ease of use:
    • All-in-one modular solution for entire Plan/Build/Operate lifecycle
    • Integrated single sign on, single database solution
    • Replaces up to 25 stand-alone systems
    • Unparalleled ease of use with drag and drop throughout
    • 100% web-based for use on any device with a browser
    • Visual Workflow with automated process management
    • Portfolio view dashboard with integrated map technology
    • Multi-currency and multi-language
    • Built on latest Microsoft .NET technology
    • #1 Business Intelligence platform rated by Gartner Group.

    Watch Video on the PMWeb Difference

    Virtual Project Controls Expo 16-19 November, 2020

    HKA and Primaned have teamed to present PMWeb at the Virtual Project Controls Expo. Click the image below to visit the stand
    (you'll have to register if you haven't done so already).

    Also, below this image, is a link to the slides rotating in the background of the stand.

    Watch the rotating PMWeb slideshow


    HKA has launched the CRUX Insight 2020 report - the latest instalment of an integrated research project that started in 2018 to reveal the most common causes of disputes, and time and cost overruns. At that time HKA analyzed 257 projects. This third report involves more than 1,100 projects across 88 countries with a combined CAPEX of US$1.8 trillion 

    HKA’s true goal through CRUX is to inform and enable employers, contractors and the wider supply chain to make better choices and decisions by being aware of and heeding the lessons of HKA's unrivalled experience. Too many projects lack a keen awareness of recurrent pitfalls and past successes. Consideration of these risks and opportunities can improve the contracting process and ultimately, minimise change and the risk of disputes occurring on projects.


    For over a decade, the world’s most demanding construction professionals have relied on PMWeb to provide unrivalled power, flexibility, and ease of use, in a single, integrated, online platform. To that feature list, PMWeb has now added complete portability. on every device.

    PMWeb 7 is optimised to load and run faster on devices large and small, even when managing the huge volume of data that modern projects generate. That applies to every feature in every PMWeb module, not a watered-down subset of field tools - and the new responsive design engine automatically adjusts the entire application to fit the screen you’re viewing. Best of all, every feature of PMWeb is available without installing, maintaining, or worrying about, a single app. All you need is a browser and a password to immediately start working with PMWeb 7. Now you can take all of the best project management platform with you, wherever you go.

    Download Version 7 brochure

    Watch Video

    Construction delivery problems in 2020 and their technology solutions

    Construction industry performance issues continue to be highlighted. Recent statistics indicate that:

    • Large projects typically take 20% longer to finish than anticipated and run up to 80% over budget.
    • 98% of mega-projects become delayed or over budget and 70% are 40% or more behind schedule. 
    • 30% of data created from design to project closeout is lost

    Construction industry professionals have identified 8 business challenges that contribute to this under-performance:

    1. 62% identified CAPTURING TIME/COSTS AGAINST PROJECTS as their biggest business challenge
    3. 45% list RE-KEYING OF DATA 

    35% of construction professionals’ time is spent (over 14 hours per week) on non-productive activities, including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework

    $94 trillion in infrastructure investment is needed in the next 20 years alone. 70% of contractors believe that advanced technologies can:

    • Increase productivity (78%)
    • Improve schedule (75%)
    • Enhance safety (79%)

    PMWeb capabilities address all 8 business challenges and provide a powerful platform that can be operational in less than a week via secure SaaS delivery. The PMWeb product is:

    • Highly configurable and ready out of the box.
    • Easy-to-use functionality, promoting user adoption.
    • Similar look and feel to Microsoft Suite interfaces.
    • Works on any device
    • Modular-based platform allowing organisations to grow into the system as needed.
    • Dynamic reports and records updated in real-time.

    Download more information

    HKA Tech 2019 conference

    Thursday December 12th, 2019 saw the largest gathering of HKA Tech consultants to date, with team members from the USA, UK/Europe and Oceania meeting at the Granite Bay office in California. 

    Gino Wideen, original founder and now Partner responsible for HKA Tech globally, opened the meeting. After introducing a key safety tip for teams to be aware on site, Gino proceeded to share his thoughts on both the results for 2019 and plans for 2020.

    Although 2019 was a strong year in which targets were met, 2020 is shaping up to be even stronger, with recent kick-offs for many major clients with large user numbers and extensive programs of capital works.

    Michael Konieczka, HKA Tech Regional Director for EMEA, joined the meeting online from London. Both Peter Aynsley, HKA Tech Regional Director for Asia Pacific; and Shuva Basu - Senior Project Controls Specialist - both from the Sydney Office - travelled from Sydney for the meeting. Both Peter and Shuva are working on projects such as Las Vegas Sands Corporation for their Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau operations; and Peter was in Denver for 6 weeks on HKA Tech's PMWeb implementation for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

    The majority of the day's sessions were devoted to HKA Tech's tools for managing PMWeb implementations, with a focus on increased standardisation, increased efficiencies and lessons learned from the 2019 implementations. Tyler Monson, HKA Tech's Director of Professional Services, had set everyone a task to read selected sections from Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - and there was a great discussion around these sections. The sessions then explored key tools used by HKA Tech, including Trello - including standardisation of approaches and a number of customizations designed to streamline service delivery.

    Project Controls Expo London 2019

    HKA will be exhibiting at the Project Controls Expo UK in London on the 13th of November. Together with our partner Primaned we will be representing PMWeb. Our consultants and executives will be on hand to provide demonstrations of PMWeb and will be presenting a Case Study in the Case Studies Zone.

    Interested in meeting with us at the event?   Register for the event or contact  Michael Konieczka or  Sjef van Vugt for a promo-code.

    New appointment - DTA Cloud Services Panel

    The Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency maintains a Cloud Services Panel that provides simple access for Australian government Agencies  to buy a range of Cloud services.

    HKA has now been included as a supplier of PMWeb Software as a Service with effect from July 2019.

    This expands the HKA/PMWeb existing service offering to government through the DTA's Software Licencing and Services Panel, to which HKA was appointed earlier this year.

    Read more

    Early Bird Registrations now open

    Early Bird registration is now open for the 2019 PMWeb User Conference October 28th - 30th at the AAA Four Diamond Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale Arizona.

    Monday, October 28th will be an Optional Training Day, with the Conference on Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday,  October 30th.

    Full conference information including registration and hotel booking links

    British-Irish Airports Expo - London, June 11-12

    PMWeb is used to manage the capital works projects of many well-known airports around the world.  Visit HKA at the 4th British-Irish Airports Expo in London - hosted by Heathrow - on 11-12 June 2019.

    HKA and Primaned, both PMWeb partners, have joined to deliver PMWeb  to clients in the UK and Europe. Visit the team at Booth #H12 (SEE MAP)

    PMWeb use by airports includes San Diego International Airport, Massport (Boston's Logan International Airport) Hartfield-Jackson Atalanta International Airport and Tucson International Airport.

    In addition to use by airport businesses in the US, PMWeb is used to deliver large new-build projects at Dubai International Airport and Almaty Airport.

    Last year, the first airline, Alaska Airlines, started using PMWeb for their project management. PMWeb is also used by the TSA, (Swanson Rink/Lockheed Martin, plus 300+ airports across the USA) for their project management.

    HKA Tech Director, Michael Konieczka, will speak at the Tony Ryan Stage on Day 2 of the conference about experiences in implementing a project management solution to San Diego, Tucson and Bahrein Airports.

    Register to attend

    Click here to register to attend

    DTA Software Licensing and Services Panel

    In March 2019. The Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency announced the establishment of a new category on the Software Licensing and Services Panel, COTS Software. This new category provides a platform for government to buy a broad offering of COTS software and associated services.

    HKA and PMWeb are pleased to be included as a supplier of Project and Portfolio Management software.

    Read more

    HKA and PMWeb at the Risk Engineering and Project Controls Conference 2019

    HKA Tech and PMWeb exhibited at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, from 16-17 May 2019, following the first day of Workshops on 15 May. The Conference covered a broad range of topics, providing in-depth lessons from industry experts (see full event program). The Conference was attended by project managers and project controls professionals from throughout Australia. Shuva Basu (in photo to the left below) and Peter Aynsley (photo to the right below) were pleased to welcome representatives of a number of HKA clients to the exhibition stand, as well as HKA personnel attending the event. 

    HKA Tech partners with Planning Planet

    Visit Planning Planet

    Planning Planet (PP) is the worlds' largest Project Controls community, with 150,000+ members. PP initiatives include the Guild of Project Controls. Guild Standards and Certifications are based on proven competency, developed and managed by the Global Practitioner Community. Some 600 individual PP members gave up their free time to help design, develop and implement the organisation. Read more about Planning Planet and the Guild

    PMWeb UK Launch is a great success

    On March 5th 2019, HKA and Primaned were pleased to present PMWeb's UK launch event “Technology that Drives Construction Management”. Turnout exceeded all expectations, with over 100 people attending.

    Early adopters of PMWeb in Europe implementing PMWeb for their Capital/Construction Projects include NHS Property Services (UK), Art-Invest (Germany), the United Nations, APM Terminals (Denmark), Philips (Netherlands) and the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg) – in addition to global businesses from outside the region which operate PMWeb for their UK/European projects.

    Read more

    Keynote Speaker - NHS Property Services 

    NHS Property Services manages, maintains and improves the NHS properties and facilities within its portfolio, working in partnership with NHS organisations to create efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare and working environments. 

    NHS' Alasdair White, Head of Construction, will be a keynote speaker at the Technology that Drives Construction Management event co-hosted by HKA and Primaned on 5 March, from 1pm at Brewers Hall, London.

    Technology that Drives Construction Management 

    HKA is delighted to co-host 'Technology that Drives Construction Management' with Primaned on 5 March, from 1pm at Brewers Hall, London. 

    A guest speaker from NHS Property Services and Mark Gough, senior controller at Art-Invest (Germany), will. both share how they deal with digitisation, the challenges they encountered and how they have already benefited from their efforts. 

    Founder and President of PMWeb, Marc Jaude and HKA Tech's Konstantine Tonas will discuss how PMWeb has been implemented within some world's largest financial, technology and entertainment companies. 

    To find out more and book your place: Click here

    Read more about this event

    Technology that Drives Construction Management - A PM Web UK Live Event 


    How to relax after a PMWeb implementation 

    Michael Konieczka, a member of the HKA Tech PMWeb implementation team for the Ministry of Economy's new PMWeb system, found the perfect way to relax before heading home - diving with Beqa Adventure Divers in the best shark dive in the world. Michael, a keen diver, is now safely at home and happily described the experience as the most amazing dive of his life. He shared a selfie and some photos from the video of his experience:

    Visit the Fiji Shark Dive website

    Fiji's Ministry of Economy Welcomes HKA and PMWeb

    On 19 January 2019, representatives of the Fiji Ministry of Economy welcomed the on-site team from HKA in a traditional Kava Ceremony. Shown below are the Ministry's welcoming team, together with HKA's Peter Aynsley, Shuva Basu and Michael Konieczka. at the start of the ceremony that continued for some time ......

    The Ministry of Economy plays a leading role in ensuring that funds allocated for capital development and rehabilitation works are monitored, accounted and properly utilised. The Ministry carries out appraisals for capital projects submitted by various ministries and departments before these projects are allocated funding in any financial year. In addition, the Ministry’s Construction Implementation Unit provides hands-on Program and Project Management across key operational areas such as the restoration of schools, health facilities and public buildings following Tropical Cyclone Winston – a single event that caused almost $2 billion in damage.

    PMWeb was installed to the Ministry in Suva in late December 2018. HKA's on-site team has been in Suva since 19 January 2019 to configure PMWeb on a fast-track approach that scheduled Go-Live and Handover by early March 2019. In addition to configuring PMWeb for the Ministry’s program/project management, planning/prioritisation, estimating, scheduling, procurement, contract management, risk/issue management, general governance and long-term asset management, HKA has also been engaged to provide support to the Ministry over an initial 12-month term.

    Risk and Project Controls Conference 2019

    The Risk Engineering Society (RES) and Australian Cost Engineering Society (ACES) of Engineers Australia are jointly organising a combined Risk Engineering & Project Controls Conference, to be held on 15-17 May 2019 at the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC), NSW, Australia. The theme for the conference is “A Time for Action – Risk Engineering & Project Controls Impacting the Future”.

    HKA and PMWeb are pleased to join as a Sponsor of the Conference and will have a Exhibition stand at which PMWeb's extensive Project Controls functionality will be available for demonstration. Read more

    Project Controls Expo Melbourne 2018

    The 2018 Project Controls Expo is on today - Thursday 22 November 2018. The HKA stand, also featuring PMWeb, is now open for business!

    Shuva Basu, Senior Project Controls Specialist, will be available all day to answer questions about PMWeb and the services provided by HKA Tech, as well as demonstrate PMWeb. HKA's Philip Kienstra will be speaking in the Mega Projects Zone at the Expo on "You can’t go anywhere fast alone!" and HKA's Jessica Banting will be at the stand to talk about opportunities to join HKA.

    PMWeb Annual User Conference, Miami, 22-24 October 2018

    Each year the PMWeb Annual User Conference raises the bar on conference excellence and this year was no exception.  This year’s conference saw the return of many PMWeb clients and welcomed multiple new companies and their users.  The user experiences shared during sessions enabled participants to see, and hear how organizations implement, use and enhance PMWeb.

    Marc Jaude, President and Founder of PMWeb, addressing conference attendees

    One of the highlights of this year’s conference was the lead-in presentation from Ken Damon, PMWeb’s Product Manager, “Introduction to PMWeb Version 6.0”. This latest version was officially released on October 23rd, the day of the presentation. Of the many enhancements users can to look forward to, the most significant relate to PMWeb’s Visual Workflow.  Enhancements to this feature result in easier administration of business processes and workflow roles as well as expanded functionality within each workflow step.

    PMWeb Mobile was also showcased, a new application allowing real-time end user data entry on smartphones and tablets in both on-line and off-line conditions.

    The conference further provided a unique platform for direct engagement with the PMWeb team allowing exchange of ideas and direct communication from users for requested features and enhancements.  One of the most popular elements of the conference in the last two years has been “live polling” with users texting votes for best features, most sought after enhancements and which enhancement should be next on the PMWeb roadmap.  

    The polling session was followed by Ken Damon’s very popular PMWeb Roadmap presentation, featuring ongoing work on Forecasting, which aligns precisely with the polling taken this year, just as the workflow revisions in Release Version 6.0 were foreshadowed in last year’s polling.  

    This year also saw PMWeb expanding their conference sessions with diverse offerings such as:

    Financial Integrations:  Reasons, Lessons and Advice”, presenter Daniel Williams - Calance
    Spotlight on Asset Management”, presenter by Ken Damon - PMWeb
    Effective Project Cost Controls with PMWeb”, presented by Mark Gough and Jan Vogel - Primaned
    User Driven Design in Implementing a Comprehensive Project Management Information System”, presenters Megan Worbs, Thomas Truong and Mike Kelley - Carnegie Mellon University
    Digitize Your Capital Projects:  A National Health Services (NHS) Case Study”, presenters Paul Vogels - Primaned
    Panel of Experts”.  This question and answer session allowed users to pose questions to a cross-section panel of different industry experts on their organizational use of PMWeb.  Experts included Samantha Cook - Clayco, Manual Alegria - Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Walfred Arenales - Harvard University, Anthony Bomba - Wegmans Food Markets and John Audi - Massachusetts Port Authority   
    Fact or Fiction:  When The Client Wants It All”, presenters Irena Gagulic and Kathleen Sullivan - Massachusetts Port Authority  

    HKA team members increasingly participated in presentations this year:

    Using PMWeb Asset Management & Project Management For A Growing Portfolio”, presenters Kimberly Goodling and Millie Rivera - Marriott Vacation Clubs Worldwide and Travis Hamera - HKA
    "Feedback Is A Gift:  Using Various Collaboration Tools Through PMWeb For Effective Project Management", presenters Marc A. Brown - Orange County Sanitation District and Michele L’Heureux - HKA
    User Adoption:  Good, Better, Best”, presenters Konstantine Tonas and Tyler Monson - HKA
    Report Showcase” presenters Tyler Monson - HKA, Marsha Shugrue - PMWeb and Gary Dubin - Brown and Caldwell
    PMWeb Extensions:  Field Application, Archiving, Power BI, BlueBeam, etc.” presenters Konstantine Tonas – HKA and Chris Wagner - PMWeb
    Practical Applications of PMWeb Planning Module” presenters Konstantine Tonas – HKA and Chris Wagner - PMWeb

    Konstantine Tonas and Tyler Monson

    To our associates at PMWeb:  Thank you once again for hosting this event and continuing to offer your clients and partners great sessions with relevant topics.  We look forward to next year!  

    From left to right: Michael Vernon, Ken Damon, Marc Jaude, Chris Wagner and Kyle Cross
    Left to right: Bobby Brown, Laurie Holmes, Gini Wideen, Michael Vernon, Tyler Monson, Marsha Shugrue

    PMWeb version 6.0 is now available!

    PMWeb has released version 6.0. As of 30 October 2018, Version 6.0.02 is the official current release of PMWeb. Version 6.0 features major enhancements to Visual Workflow, the release of the PMWeb app for offline use - PMWeb Mobile - and many other new features. New clients should receive version 6.0.02 and existing clients are encouraged to upgrade to it.

    The Workflow enhancements in 6.0.02 are extensive and make this powerful feature even easier to use. The Mobile App is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store , but need version 6.0.02 and the Mobile App toolkit item in order to operate. More details on release 6.0

    Register now for the PMWeb 2018 User Conference! 

     Registration is now open for the PMWeb October 2018 User Conference in Miami Florida. Early Bird pricing ends August 15th and discounts are available for orders of 3 or more tickets. Be sure to register soon, as space is limited. More details

    Click here for more information and to Register

    Hyatt Hotels selects PMWeb

    Hyatt Hotels has selected PMWeb as its Capital Portfolio Construction Management Software!

    Hyatt was incorporated on September 27, 1957. As of March 2018, Hyatt had 777 properties in 54 countries. This year, Fortune magazine listed Hyatt as the 9th Best U.S. Company to Work For.

    Visit Hyatt's website

    Web-based Project Communications Management

    Project communications management is one of the areas where web-based project management solutions prove most useful. Communications management involves the processes that ensure timely and accurate collection, storage, generation, and distribution of project information. It is estimated that 70 to 90 percent of a project management team’s time is spent communicating. Of this time, approximately 45 percent is spent listening and 30 percent is spent talking. Further, the project management team spends almost 50 percent of their time in meetings. Web-based project management solutions can greatly increase the team’s ability to communicate efficiently as well as foster the transparency, accountability, and traceability of communications. Read more

    Click here to read more

    Marc Jaude on Collaboration

    Standard adoption is key to ensuring successful collaboration in construction.

    Constructech connects hundreds of thousands of people thriving to understand the every changing dynamic of emerging and disruptive technologies in a digital world. Laura Black, editor, Constructech magazine, sat down with Marc Jaude, president and founder, PMWeb, to discuss the role of technology in a successful collaborative environment.

    Let’s discuss establishing best practices for implementing technology for internal collaboration. What do construction companies really need to know? All solutions require established best practices for collaboration. The best way to ensure collaboration is standard adoption. We can manage by reading email and having an organized process engine, which is required. Basically, all the processes and workflows solves that.

    What considerations are there when it comes to data security and collaboration? Again, a successful collaborative environment has access to multiple forms and many individuals. They will be sending me the files and access to modules and I respond to each. We have high level security. We even have conditional security. For a collaborative system to be successful, it needs to be secure.

    Basically, the security to be able to collaborate with outside parties needs to have a high level of security because even within the same module you have to give them access to RFI (request for information) questions that only the architect can answer. That is the only way to collaborate bringing subs on board, not just internally, so you have to have a high level of security.

    Beyond that we also find that security needs to be conditional because maybe you need to respond and it just you and the architect on a module, but not correspondence between you and the GC. So it needs to also contain conditional security. We have all of that in PMWeb.

    What do construction companies need to keep in mind when it comes to internal versus external collaboration? Some of the collaboration like security and process management … like the workflow, you can use it. PMWeb is made to collaborate with the outside. We have online bidding, so the people from the outside coming in. Even invoices, people can submit them online like a work request. So we have all of these and even change order requests for being outside.

    And internally the normal contract approval and change order approval happens internally as well. So the workflow is basically collaborating. Instead of emailing back and forth, it is sending emails automatically. Everything is a visual workflow in PMWeb.

    Why is it important to have tight internal collaboration, before strong external collaboration? It is important to be standardized. Like PMWeb you can require it or you can make it as flexible as you want. You want it to be standardized and required to everyone, (you can). So by using this system, you can streamline it and make it standardized.

    Let’s talk a little bit about the technology. Where do you see the technology headed with regards to enabling collaboration? We have it already working on it to make it … all these tools like 2D viewer to do redlining. In the future, we will be doing it through BIM (building information modeling). So all of these collaborations will be done using 3D models through BIM.

    What advice might you offer to construction companies looking to get started? Using PMWeb. You have to have a complete featured system because you want the document management, you want the project management; so you want all the pieces to work together. So with PMWeb we have them all in one. We have the tools to do all that.

    Is there anything else you would like to add that you think would be important to note for our readers? (With project management) we have internationally, we have the cost management, we also have multiple currency, multiple language. So that is being able to collaborate internationally. If you see a job internationally, you have to have invoices in multiple currency because multiple vendors (are) from different countries. So we have those international, and value-added multiple currency, multiple language that we have in PMWeb. 

    Design-Build For Water/Wastewater and Transportation Conferences - Portland Oregon 

    Design-Build For Water/Wastewater Conference - 19-21 March 2018
    Design-Build in Transportation Conference- 21-23 March 2018 

    The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC), the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF), co-hosted the 2018 Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference March 19-21, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Centre. The Design-Build in Transportation Conference was also that same week from March 21-23. DBIA teaches the philosophy of “Design-build Done Right” by providing best practices and implementation techniques, case studies and education on design-build variations such as progressive design-build, leadership, teamwork and new and exciting research.   

    The HKA-Tech/PMWeb team was pleased to attend and exhibit at both conventions during the week, which was attended by over 1,000 professionals. HKA-Tech’s Konstantine (Kon) Tonas (in the photo below) and Rick Aldridge were there to demonstrate and discuss the latest developments of PMWeb.

    Save the date! PMWeb 2018 User Conference

    2018 PMWeb User Conference and Optional Training. October 22nd - 24th, 2018. The Conference is returning to South Florida again for 2018! Read more

    Read more about the 2018 Conference

    HR Management on Construction Projects

    Human resources (HR) management covers all of the processes an organisation undertakes to make the most effective use of the personnel involved with a project. This includes many different groups, including project stakeholders/sponsors, customers, partners, individual contributors, the performing organisation, and other team members. The processes involved with HR management deal with managing the project’s labor requirements, capturing the actual hours of those working on the project, and appraising their performance. Read more

    Click here to read more

    HKA in Middle East Consultant

    Middle East Consultant is a monthly publication and the only dedicated construction consultancy publication in the region. The February 2018 edition profiles HKA in the Middle East, following the official HKA brand launch in Dubai.

    One question asked by Middle East Consultant was “What technology will have the biggest impact in the market?” HKA Tech’s Michael Konieczka responded:

    "Advances in power storage will have the biggest impact. We will also see increased use and expansion of AR in the construction industry. Additionally, we’ve found that the need for collaborative tools for managing all stakeholders and increasing communication has been on the rise, and is becoming more embraced in the Middle East market. Through the use of these tools, we will see a greater desired use of mobile platforms and mobile apps to provide the necessary inputs for these systems.
    "Wearable technology is a trend that is just coming into the market, and its use will continue to grow as the development improves. The industry is moving towards big data gathering and providing analytics for historical information, building performance and real-time reporting. The need to be able to report on all aspects of a PMO and the associated projects requires hundreds, if not thousands, of inputs from multiple stakeholders to provide the necessary analytics. This is being supported and driven by the increased acceptance of cloud-based collaboration platforms."      Read more

    HKA Tech and LinkedIn

    HKA's presence on LinkedIn has now grown with the addition of a dedicated HKA Tech page.

    HKA's global LinkedIn page provides the latest on our business and people around the world.

    Now you can read the latest on HKA Tech, the world's largest implementing reseller of PMWeb - and how PMWeb is changing the way capital works projects are managed. Visit HKA Tech on LinkedIn and join the conversation!

    Visit HKA Tech on LinkedIn

    Project Quality Management - tools for EPMO success

    Quality management covers all of the processes and activities needed to define and achieve project quality. At its most basic level, quality management is about meeting the customers’ needs. No matter what type of project for which an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) is responsible, the technical specifications for the products and services to be delivered should be properly documented. Moreover, there should be a clear list of deliverables that defines the quality requirements for each of those deliverables. Read more

    Managing Project Schedules

    Managing a project’s schedule is a fundamental task for all enterprise project management teams. The schedule’s level of detail depends on the available level of detail for the project scope —which is usually reflected in the work breakdown structure (WBS) — as well as the role of the organizations involved in the project delivery. Having Scheduling capability within a fully integrated project information system such as PMWeb creates additional tools for project controls. Read more

    PMWeb Version 5.2

    PMWeb Version 5.2 new features include Bluebeam Integration and enhanced Resource Management.

    PMWeb Clients may now upgrade to Version 5.2. There is no additional cost for this upgrade for Clients on Software Support & Maintenance Agreements or using PMWeb's Software as a Service (SaaS) - just contact us to make the arrangements.

    In addition to integrating with Bluebeam (rapidly becoming the industry standard for design and construction workflows) and introducing the first of a series of new Resource Management enhancements, Version 5.2 builds on the success of 5.1's new features to add further enhancements. It is the official current release version of PMWeb and is installed in all new instances, whether on-premise or SaaS. Read more about Version 5.2.

    European Investment Bank selects PMWeb

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) has selected PMWeb for its Capital Works Project Management System.

    The EIB is the world's largest international public lending institution. As the "Bank of the European Union", the EIB has over 2,000 employees and was founded in Brussels in 1958 when the Treaty of Rome came into effect. Its current headquarters are located in Luxembourg.

    Visit EIB's website

    Videos released for Radar relocation

    Helicopter in the city

    HKA worked with the Port Authority of NSW to relocate a key Radar facility within the Authority's Vessel Tracking System for Sydney Harbour and Port Botany.

    The existing Radar's location on the top of the AMP Centre, at a height of 188 metres, required the use of a helicopter to lower the Radar antenna to street level and involved a CBD road closure. View video of the operation

    Crane at Darling Point

    The Radar's new home at Darling Point is on Longwood House - which, being 66 metres high, allowed the use of a crane to complete the operation .

    The crane lifted not only the radar assembly that was relocated from the AMP Centre, but also a new Tower and Control Hut. View video of the day

    Seasons Greetings from HKA

    This year HKA will be donating to World Vision, the world’s largest international children’s charity.

    Watch our short animation and see some of the charity work undertaken by HKA employees around the world - from the Americas to Australia - over the last six months. 

    Play HKA Seasons Greetings

    Great Wolf Resorts has chosen PMWeb as its Program and Project Management solution. With fourteen properties in North America and three currently under construction, Great Wolf Resorts is the largest family of indoor water parks in the country.

    PMO Peace of Mind

    HKA Tech’s popular PMO Quick Start Toolkit has now been updated with 2018 pricing and a refresh of a number of the governance documents. The PMWeb PMO Quick Start Package allows the rapid set-up of a PMO’s systems and processes, based on proven approaches to PMO governance and administration.

    The standard PMWeb SaaS (software as a service) package, with this PMO enhancement, provides a one-year service that can be renewed annually thereafter.  PMWeb SaaS is delivered PMWeb's US Data Centres or via Amazon Web Services, using an Amazon Private Cloud. Existing PMWeb Amazon locations such as those in Australia and Germany (as well as PMWeb's US Data Centre facility) can be operational in less than 7 days. Other available locations include England, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and Central Canada

    • PMWeb modules and toolkit items for program and project management (including change control, cost management, contract management, document management and custom form builder)
    • Core Module with Microsoft Business Intelligence, security controls and reporting
    • PMO templates, forms and governance documentation – including developed templates to manage Risks, Issues, Actions, Decisions, Deliverables, Benefits and Lessons Learned  
    • Licences for approximately 10 people 
    • Initial configuration to meet the Client’s specific needs, including security set-up and user permissions
    • Administrator training and User training
    • 12 months technical support (24/7 online, live operators during business hours)

    Read More

    National Conference Success

    HKA Tech and PMWeb were pleased to support the Australian Institute of Project Management’s  National Conference in Melbourne, October 22-24. Almost 600 delegates were treated to two and a half days of presentations, workshops, keynote speakers and social events at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was set to the theme of “I3 – Innovate, Influence & Implement”.

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret'd) started the ball rolling by discussing the “ultimate disaster project” – the recovery of MH17 and the search for MH370 which he led. Digital disruption and transformation, working with millennials, the future of project management and the Fourth Industrial Revolution were some of the topics covered by keynote speakers. Read more

    Flawless Helicopter Lift

    HKA's Sydney team has been working for the Port Authority of NSW to mange the relocation a key Radar component of the Vessel Tracking System (VTS) for Sydney Harbour and Port Botany and its re-integration to the VTS - as well as installation of a new Radar facility in Circular Quay. The existing Radar's location on the top of the AMP Centre, at a height of 188 metres, required the use of a helicopter to lower the Radar antenna to street level and involved a CBD road closure. The entire operation was very much weather dependent, but proceeded flawlessly on Sunday 12 November 2017. HKA has been using its PMWeb facility to assist in managing the relocation. HKA installed PMWeb to its own equipment in the Verizon Data Centre, Sydney, in January 2013, subsequently moving to the Equinix Data Centre. HKA's PMWeb facility now provides access to PMWeb for the HKA organisation globally.

    Can Technology Improve Your Claims Practice? [Part 2 of 2]

    Read article on LinkedIn

    This article continues the discussion of how web-based project management solutions can enhance a project team’s ability to manage construction claims; and covers the remaining tasks and processes that PMWeb helps facilitate. Read more

    Can Technology Improve Your Claims Practice? [Part 1 of 2]

    Read article on LinkedIn

    No one can deny that construction claims are on the rise. With new project awards declining, projects seeing lower profit margins, increased liquidated damage claims for late completion, and other recent developments, owners and contractors are becoming more contentious and adversarial, which is leading to a growing volume of claims and disputes. Everyone knows that construction claims are never won on merit alone. Claims require extensive analysis of numerous factors: what events occurred, who is accountable for these events, how the contract clauses address the events, the impacts the events had on project cost and schedule, the documents and records available to substantiate or defend the claims, etc. How Can Web-Based Project Management Solutions Improve Claim Management?  Read more

    PMWeb Annual User Conference, Miami, 02-04 October 2017

    The PMWeb Annual User Conference was a great success, enjoyed by all. There were some excellent User stories, sharing experiences and advice in the use of PMWeb, from Clients including:

    • CBRE / Regions Bank - CBRE's Tony Webster, Terra Mieure and Jessica Williams described "The Spectrum of Bidding, Awarding and Contracting using PMWeb"
    • HOAR Program Management - Andrew Betts and Sandra Denaburg gave a compelling Case Study on "How PMWeb Helped HOAR Program Management Deliver $600 Million Airbus A320 Final Assembly Line Project"
    • Whataburger - Clint Saavedra and Cindy Espinoza took us through “Integrating Job Cost and Real Estate Project Management Systems: Building a Better Burger
    • Massachusetts Port Authority - John Audi and Irena Gagulic provided their insights on “Top 10 PMWeb Implementation Success Factors
    • The Walt Disney Company - Manny Alegria, Carol Hunter and Christian Walker - in addition to showing us all some of the Disney magic - presented their views on "Driving Change: Paving the Way with PMWeb".

    Other presentations included John Statts and Tim Fleet of Critical Business Analysis on “ExtractIQ: How to Manage Legacy Data and Move It into PMWeb”; and Joel Thompson (Facility Workflow Solutions) and Marsha Shugrue (PMWeb, Inc) on “The Power of Data Warehousing”.

    Our own Konstantine (Kon) Tonas, Tyler Monson, Peter Aynsley and Travis Hamera presented on topics including “Unique Client Uses of PMWeb Features” and “PMWeb Tips and Tricks”. Kon even found time to win the Disney prize for "Best Wookie impersonation" (voice/roar only). Listen to this - is this Kon?

    Many thanks for the PMWeb team for hosting this event, providing great workshops on special topics and giving all attendees some insights into where PMWeb is heading - including some previews of the soon-to-be-released v5.2 and some specific plans for the content of further releases.

    Project Controls Conference

    Engineers Australia's 2017 Project Controls Conference at Sydney's International Convention Centre on 20-22 September was a great success, with delegates from across Australia attending. HKA Tech was pleased to welcome existing PMWeb clients, customers already evaluating PMWeb and those new to PMWeb's features. HKA Tech team members Shuva Basu, Paul Bone and Lora Labu enjoyed meeting everyone who came to the PMWeb stand.

    2017 National Conference - I3 - Innovate, Influence & Implement

    The theme of the Australian Institute of Project Management's National Conference this year is  "Innovate, Influence & Implement". Industry leaders will gather at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, situated in the heart of the city, from 22-24 October. HKA Tech and PMWeb are proud to once again support the AIPM at its annual conference - this year as a Conference Supporter Partner. Read more about the Conference

    Visit the Conference website

    Streamline and Improve Your Organization's Procurement Process

    The objective of procurement management is to transfer the risks associated with the part of a project’s scope of work that is performed by outside organisations, known as contractors, vendors, or suppliers. This is the latest in a series of articles about managing projects through their full project lifecycle and focuses on Procurement.
    Read more

    Read more

    PMWeb User Conference Update

    The Walt Disney Company and CBRE/Regions Bank round out the 2017 PMWeb User Conference list of companies presenting at the event:

    The Walt Disney Company: "Driving Change: Paving the Way with PMWeb"
    Manny Alegria, System Specialist, Facility Asset Management
    Christian Walker, Scheduling Manager, Project Controls, Facility Asset Management

    CBRE/Regions Bank: "Effectively Managing Vendors Through PMWeb"
    Terra Mieure, Cost Manager
    Jessica Williams, Finance Manager

    You can now access the full agenda for the User Conference and Optional Training Day on PMWeb's Event Page along with registration and hotel booking information.

    See full agenda and manage your registration

    DiamondRock Hospitality Company selects PMWeb

    DiamondRock owns a portfolio of 28 premium hotels and resorts containing over 9,600 rooms concentrated in key gateway cities and destination resorts throughout North America and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Since 2010, DiamondRock has acquired approximately $1.8 billion of urban and resort hotels in cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Washington, D.C. and Fort Lauderdale. A majority of DiamondRock's hotels are operated by leading global hotel brands including Marriott International, Inc™ and Hilton Worldwide™ .

    Visit DiamondRock

    Are You Managing Project Cost Successfully? [part 2 of 2]

    This article wraps up the discussion on cost management (see Part 1) and focuses on project funding, earned value analysis, and managing project cost data. Read more

    Read more

    Are You Managing Project Cost Successfully? [part 1 of 2]

    Each project an organization takes on represents a major investment that is ultimately designed to bring in a profit. Therefore, it’s vital that the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) delivers the project on budget and without cost overrun, or the anticipated ROI can be drastically reduced. To this end, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) provides a comprehensive approach for managing project cost. Read more

    Using Stage Gates to Improve Project Governance

    PMWeb has now published the third article in its series on web-based project management solutions. The Stage Gate Review Process is a formal project life phase-driven go/no-go decision point where selected project deliverables for each stage are reviewed to ensure the organization’s requirements are met. Read more

    More information on Stage Gates

    Managing Project Integration

    Within the field of professional project management, one of the most well-regarded sources of best practices and standards is the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMI PMBOK has identified 10 project management knowledge areas that should implemented when delivering projects: scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resources management, communications management, risk management, procurement management, and stakeholder management. PMWeb has published a series of articles that address these 10 knowledge areas, along with three additional ones: benefit realisation management, sustainability management and safety management. Read more

    Read more

    Managing Project Demand

    PMWeb's second article (see PMWeb and the PMO below) has now been published - "Managing Project Demand with a Web-based PMIS". This article explores the use of PMWeb in capturing and analysing the various project ideas, opportunities and needs that have the potential to become approved as new projects. Read more

    Read more

    PMWeb and the PMO

    PMWeb has published the first in a series of articles discussing how web-based project management solutions have revolutionized enterprise project management. The series will address how the latest software platforms have significantly improved the enterprise project management office’s ability to successfully execute the various project, program, and portfolio management processes. The series will also explain how these platforms provide for accurate, real-time reporting of a project’s status, health, and performance.

    Read more on PMOs and PMWeb

    When it comes to managing major construction projects, it’s essential to have a Project Management Office (PMO) in place to create and oversee an effective management system to facilitate the successful execution of the various project and program management activities. Read more

    Marriott Vacation Club 

    Marriott Vacation Club has selected PMWeb for its Capital Project Management Software. The brand comprises more than 50 Marriott Vacation Club properties throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia and more than 400,000 owners.

    Visit Marriott Vacation Club website

    HKA Launch

    Wednesday, 03 May 2017, saw the launch of the new HKA brand in Australia. More than 170 guests gathered at The Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf, overlooking Sydney Harbour, to celebrate the launch of the new HKA brand and to recognise the achievements of the company’s operations in Australia since its establishment in 1999. Special guest speaker, Sean Duggan from Ultraspeed Australia , entertained guests with an introduction to Hyperloop, an exciting new technology currently in development that will revolutionise the way we travel. HKA is currently providing advisory services for Hyperloop, one of many exciting projects we are working on in Australia. Great night! Read more about HKA and HKA-Tech

    Read more about HKA and HKA-Tech

    Project Controls Conference 2017

    The Australian Cost Engineering Society (ACES) together with Risk Engineering Society (RES) are hosting the Project Controls Conference in Sydney, with the theme of “Improving maturity in Project Controls – keeping investments on track” through the presentation streams –  people, process and technology. The Conference will be held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, from 20-22 September 2017.

    HKA and PMWeb are a sponsor of the Conference and will be in the Project Controls 2017 Technology Hub.

    Click here to visit the Conference website

    PMWeb 2017 User Conference

    Save the date: PMWeb's 2017 User Conference with Optional Admin Training Day will be held October 2nd - 4th at the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, Florida.

    Click here to visit the resort's website

    PMWeb Version 5.1 now available 

    March 2017: PMWeb Clients may now upgrade to Version 5.1. There is no additional cost for this upgrade for Clients on Software Support & Maintenance Agreements or using PMWeb's Software as a Service (SaaS) - just contact your authorised PMWeb sales representative (e.g. HKA-Tech) to make the arrangements.

    The new version introduces two major features - the PMWeb 3D Viewer and PMWeb University - as well as a large number of enhancements. It is now the official current release version of PMWeb and is installed in all new instances, whether on-premise or SaaS. Read more about Version 5.1.

    Click here to read more about PMWeb Version 5.1

    McLachlan Lister name change

    On 24 February 2017, McLachlan Lister Pty Limited changed its name to HKA Global Pty Ltd.

    The change of name is part of the process that has followed the sale of the global Construction Claims Group (CCG) - of which McLachlan Lister is a part - to Bridgepoint Development Capital (see Sale Details). The sale is planned to conclude prior to 31 May 2017. 

    Stanford University selects PMWeb for its capital works Project Management Software

    Stanford University is the latest University to select PMWeb, joining Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University, Carnegie Mellon University, American University, UC Davis, Tufts University, Boston College and the University of Washington St Louis - all users of PMWeb Portfolio, Program and Project Management Software.

    Stanford University

    DID YOU KNOW? Stanford alumni and faculty founded Google, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Yahoo!, and companies founded by Stanford alumni generate more than $2.7 trillion in annual revenue, equivalent to the 10th-largest economy in the world.

    Alaska Airlines selects PMWeb for its capital works Project Management Software

    Alaska Airlines has been ranked by J. D. Power and Associates as having the highest customer satisfaction of the traditional airlines for nine consecutive years. The airline has now selected PMWeb for its capital works Project Management Software.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    After a lengthy review process, CMU chose PMWeb for its capital works Projects Management Software over all other competitors primarily because "Unlike the other software companies, PMWeb clearly understands construction." PMWeb was designed and built from the ground up by Program and Construction Managers to deliver an all-in-one, easy-to-use project management system.

    CMU joins other Universities using PMWeb, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, American University, UC Davis Medical, Tufts, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Washington, Boston College and the University of Washington St Louis.

    Solid Gold from PMWeb at AIPM's Inaugural Regional Conference

    17 November 2016: PMWeb Australia & New Zealand was a Conference Supporter for the Australian Institute of Project Management’s Inaugural Regional Conference 2016 held at the Sydney Hilton from October 16-19. The conference was opened by the AIPM’s Patron and the Governor of New South Wales, His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d). Keynote speakers included Kitty Chiller, 2016 Australian Olympic Commission Chef de Mission: 

    PMWeb also supplied a highly sought-after prize for the AIPM's conference app leaderboard competition, a half-ounce gold bar! The prize was won by Stuart Elkins of Ergon Energy in Queensland.

    View conference wrap at AIPM

    Data Migration packages - Primavera Contract Manager to PMWeb

    16 October 2016: In August 2016, Oracle announced that it was discontinuing any further product releases or patches for Primavera Contract Manager (PCM). At the same time, ongoing "Sustaining Support" was confirmed on an indefinite basis - i.e. technical support for owners of PCM will be provided until further notice. Options for existing PCM owners therefore include:

    1. Continuing with the system (which will require some close management, given that new patches and alterations to external programs such as Java and Windows could impact PCM operation)
    2. Migrating to Oracle Unifier - there being options to facilitate this such as Oracle's Contract Management Cloud Accelerator
    3. Migrating to an alternative system for the management of Contracts and other project-related functions.

    Owners should consult with Oracle or a member of the Oracle Partner Network in relation to Options 1 and 2 above.

    Option 3 may include consideration of PMWeb's Contract Management functionality, used by Clients such as Endeavour Energy

    As part of analysing the cost/benefit of any new Contract Management system, an important component of cost (and time) is data migration. Our organisation has extensive experience in data migration from other systems into PMWeb and can provide advice on liklely cost. We have also now released two standard packages for migrating data from PCM V13.x and 14.x to PMWeb. This provides a ready reference for clients conducting comparative analysis and a tool to examine whether there are factors in their existing system that could make a migration non-standard (whether to PMWeb or to any other system). 

    Contact us for more information including package inclusions and pricing.

    PMWeb releases Version 5.0 

    21 September 2016: From November 2016, all new PMWeb SaaS facilities will be delivered with PMWeb v5.0. Clients under existing PMWeb SaaS agreements or under PMWeb SSM Agreements for on-premise installations may now choose to upgrade to PMWeb v5.0. Read about the new features in v5.0

    PMWeb and the AIPM Regional Conference

    16 September 2016: PMWeb Australia & New Zealand is pleased to be a Conference Supporter for the Australian Institute of Project Management’s Inaugural Regional Conference 2016 to be held at the Sydney Hilton from October 16-19. This Conference will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the AIPM. Here’s a preview of PMWeb at the conference: