PMWeb Value/Benefits

All data is stored in a central database controlled by the PMWeb Owner, using industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). This database becomes the “source of truth” for everything to do with the Client’s programs and projects.

PMWeb’s “out of the box” functionality includes an extensive security module which limits what actions each user or user group can perform. Security levels can be set for individuals or for various user groups by combinations of:

  • System – Program – Project
  • Feature (view or no view)
  • Record (Add, View, Delete, Update)
  • Field (view, update).

The security is also tied to the Document Manager Folders where users can be limited on whether they can Upload, View, Redline, etc. individual folders.

The net result is a single database to which a Client can provide access to anyone it wishes, to whatever level it wishes, with complete security.

Program Managers, Project Managers, Site Managers and Consultants can access data relevant to their activities only and input data that is then processed through automated Workflow.

Stakeholders can also be given access to dashboards and to processes where their review and/or approval are required.

Executive Management will have immediate access to real-time data presented via customised Dashboards designed for their specific areas of interest—with the ability to drill down to all underlying data to view and interrogate that data in real time.


The outcomes associated with implementing a system with PMWeb’s functionality include:

  • Improved productivity and reduced management resources
  • Reduced risk of over-commitment through better control
  • Greater consistency and compliance
  • Better visibility and informed decision making
  • A single ‘source of truth’ for all processes and all data
  • Reduced effort of maintaining business systems
  • Reduced operating costs.

Each of the above contributes to the overall benefit of achieving greater program performance e.g. on average, activities are delivered in shorter timescales using less resource effort.

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