PMWeb Release 6.0

PMWeb version 6.0, released in October 2018, contains many new features designed to make the platform easier and even more powerful to use. The star attractions, though, are a thorough update of Visual Workflow as well as the introduction of the PMWeb Mobile app. A summary of some of the enhancements in 6.0 is as follows:

Visual Workflow data structure and storage enhancements[see detailed brochure - download link below]
A new “Comment” action has been added for workflow approversApprovers can add comments to the workflow log without taking workflow action
Approvers can now add attachments directly to their actionsApprovers can now drag and drop attachments into the Workflow tab as they take action
Administrators can now select which workflow actions are available at each stepFor example, they can prevent an approver from rejecting the record by making the Reject action unavailable for the step
Administrators can now customize the labels shown for workflow actions by stepChange the radio button label “Approve” to “Agreed To”, for example
Team Input actions have been enhanced to more closely match CollaborateNow Team Input, Collaborate, and approver actions have similar features, making them easier to learn and understand
PMWeb Mobile introduced[see detailed brochure - download link below]
Added REST protocol to the PMWeb APIAPI calls can now be made using both SOAP and REST
Redesigned Audit Trail pageA filter section has been added to the top of the page to make finding audit information faster and easier. Double click results lines to see transaction details.
Up to 10 Specifications fields in record headersFor each record type, up to 10 of your Specification fields can be displayed in the header rather than on the Specifications tab
Redesigned Specifications setup pageThe Specifications setup page has been completely overhauled to make it easier and more efficient to use
Custom forms can now feature multiple custom tablesEach custom form can now contain more than one custom table and custom tables can be “locked” with a fixed number of lines
Redesigned Form Builder pageThe Form Builder page layout has been completely revised to make it easier and more efficient to use
“Worksheet Column” is now one of the available lists in Form BuilderIf you define a Specifications field data type as “List” you can now select Worksheet Column as the list source. (Please note that custom forms are not posted to the Cost Ledger.)
Date fields in custom forms can now be empty by defaultIf you define a Specifications field data type as “Date” you can now save the default as an empty fixed date
A “Forgot Your Password” function has been added to the log in pageUsers can click the “Forgot Your Password?” hyperlink on the log in page and follow steps to change their password without administrative assistance
Export to and paste from Excel have been added to Budget Requests Paste to append lines from an Excel spreadsheet to a saved Budget Requests record
You can now select a format for scheduled BI reportsOn the Printing Setup tab of BI Reporting you can now select an output format when scheduling a report
Lines added to Submittal Sets are automatically saved as Submittal ItemsLines added to the Details tab in Submittal Sets using the Add Items or Add buttons are automatically saved as linked Submittal Items records
Cost Codes in lines are now hyperlinksCost Codes in saved lines are now hyperlinks which, when clicked, open the default Cost Worksheet in a dialog with the cost code line highlighted
Show a PDF in Home PageYou can now display a single or multipage PDF in a tab in the User Home Page
Drag & drop resources into RequirementsThe Add resources button has been added to the Assignments tab in Requirements
Initiatives added to RequirementsInitiatives are now available to select in the Project field
Currency Precision settingA new “Currency Precision” setting has been added to the PMWeb Admin module
Ampersands (&) allowed in folder namesFolder names now accept the special character “&”
Hyphens (s) allowed in email addressesEmail address fields now accept the special character “-“
Size field added to Attachments tabs
TLS 1.2 now supportedPMWeb now supports the Microsoft TLS 1.2 communication protocol
Migrated to IIS7 and 64-bit app pool
Date Formats in Message TemplatesWhen creating message templates, you can modify date tokens to select a date format: • _DATE1 – “dddd, MMMM dd, yyyyy” • _DATE2 – “MMMM dd, yyyy” • _DATE3 – “MM/dd/yyyy” • _DATE4 – “dd/MM/yyyy” • _DATE5 – “yyyyy-MM-dd” • _DATE6 – “yyyy,MMMM dd” For example: Change “[RFI_DATE]” to “[RFI_DATE2]”

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