PMWeb Overview


PMWeb is a specialist portfolio, program, project and contract management software used by some of the world’s largest public and private organisations to deliver projects and programs of work; and to manage a range of contract types. It is 100% web-based and completely portable. The software and data may be located on Client servers (either on shared or dedicated equipment, including in a Virtual Machine environment) or in any third-party hosting environment approved by the Client.

For Clients in Australia, PMWeb can also be delivered by Software as a Service (SaaS) using Amazon Web Services and an Amazon Private Cloud restricted to the Australian Availability Zone - ensuring all Client data remains in Australia.

Access is via a simple, single web log-in, from any PC, iPad or Android device with Internet access. Browsers include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

PMWeb provides a reliable single source of truth for all project, program and contract information. Each user has defined access rights which can be implemented by individual or by groups. Each user can customise his or her opening screen to contain information most relevant – whether that user is a senior executive requiring a Dashboard summary across a program of projects or portfolio of contracts under management; or a site project manager or contract manager seeking real-time data on events ranging from subcontractor submittals to invoices to LTIs.

Typically all immediate actions are displayed in the Dashboard summary and from this one screen the user can drill down to all relevant data - all project information is literally at the user’s fingertips.

Apart from Hosting considerations, no additional products are required apart from the equipment Client will use to access the Web interface (e.g. PC with Internet connectivity) and standard Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Project, Windows Server and SQL Server.

The PMWeb product has the capability to seamlessly integrate with any of a Client’s current systems. In future implementation phases, the Client may choose to replace one or more existing legacy systems with PMWeb's functionality.

PMWeb consists of a number of Modules and toolkit items that operate on a single unified platform. The database is Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. The Client can acquire only those Modules and Toolkit items it needs initially—and then add additional items over time if required. PMWeb’s functionality across the various Modules enables a User to:

  • Create customised dashboards to display key cost, time and other performance indicators, risks and issues, current photos, etc
  • Point and click to ‘drill down’ from this overview to whatever level of detail is desired
  • Develop project estimates and schedules
  • Select and ‘drag and drop’ data to import or export seamlessly to/from Word, Excel, Primavera and MS Project.
  • Share and manage access to collaboratively develop documents throughout the design and subsequent construction management processes
  • Use PMWeb's powerful Visual Workflow to automate processes
  • Manage timesheets and billings
  • Customise ready built processes (e.g. financial, contract management, etc.); automate approvals; and link these to risk and issues management databases using powerful Workflow capabilities
  • Create integrations with virtually any ERP/ financial system (such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, TRIM, Ellipse 8, Objective 8) or other document management or collaboration system (such as Aconex, SharePoint)
  • View and work with the portfolio via multiple dimensions (e.g. investment mix, multiple funding sources, program structure, geographical location etc.)
  • Manage overall portfolios of work (i.e. selection of programs, sub-programs and projects)
  • Add / edit / display individual project information.

PMWeb may be purchased and hosted to client requirements; or alternatively procured as Software as a Service (SaaS).

More information

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Traditionally, capital works reporting is often too late to take sufficient corrective action on wayward projects. The mechanics of contract progress claims, review, assessment, compilation of information from multiple sources and report preparation typically sees the information in monthly reports being six to eight weeks behind.

Large portfolios of capital works projects also struggle to implement consistent governance structures and processes across their component programs and projects. This results in continual cost over runs and under-performing projects. The true value of these avoided cost and performance problems is difficult to quantify, but cannot be underestimated in large project based organisations.

PMWeb improves the planning and delivery performance of an organization, through driving consistency in process and providing access to real-time, accurate information.