Clause Library

Clause Library And Document Creator

PMWeb allows the creation of extensive libraries of clauses and the assembly of those clauses into consolidated documents within standardised templates. This feature can be used to create final documents that can then be output in Word or PDF format. The feature is used to:

  • Create contracts that form part of Tenders, which can then be output at a click in conjunction with other Tender documents to provide an engrossed contract for execution
  • Create specifications for procurement and project delivery
  • Create leases or other documents involving the assembly of clauses.

Multiple version-controlled documents can be created and maintained in PMWeb’s library, always accessible from the unified database. Secure user access controls allow some Users to modify these documents, whereas others are prevented from doing so. Highlights of this feature include:

  • Create Contracts with ease
  • Enter lump sum or unit based line items
  • Link default language
  • Checklists feature
  • Unlimited notes, attachments
  • One click Change Orders and Invoices
  • Summary recap from one screen
  • Merge to one or more contract templates
  • Send or Print to PDF
  • Visual Workflow approvals