PMWeb and BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the practice of using digital data to represent real world structures. This data can be presented as 3 dimensional models, spreadsheets, relational databases and more. PMWeb offers a wide variety of tools that let you view, interact with, and create BIM data. 

PMWeb features include::

  • PMWeb 3D Viewer – Use this fast and powerful online tool to view and interact with models in most 3D formats. Take unlimited snapshots and use them to attach to and create new PMWeb records in real time.
  • PMWeb Model Manager records – Model Manager records let you view, monitor, and approve any model, whether it is held by you or any of your partners.
  • PMWeb Autodesk Revit Add-in – This lightweight add-in lets you connect unlimited Revit models directly to your PMWeb database. Use the add-in to automatically generate and link to actual PMWeb records.
  • PMWeb COBie Manager records – The PMWeb Revit Add-in sends COBie-formatted data to PMWeb, automatically creating COBie Manager records which can be analyzed, edited, and used to create PMWeb asset records.
  • BIM Takeoff in PMWeb Estimates – Generate takeoff data from Revit models and use it to populate PMWeb Estimates with quantities and costs.

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