NSW IT Services Scheme

HKA Global Pty Ltd is registered on both the Suppliers List (under $150,000) and the Advanced Suppliers List (High Risk and/or over $150,000) under the NSW Department of Finance & Services IT Services Scheme. The Scheme ID is SCM0020. HKA has been accredited in the following categories since 2013, with this accreditation valid until 28 February 2024:

ICT Category Sub Category Description
A Architecture and Design
A03 Architecture and Design Solution Architecture Development of technology solutions that deliver business requirements within the guidelines of an enterprise architecture, when available. This includes development of technical specifications, selection of technology components and development of solution designs.
B Benchmarking
B01 Benchmarking Benchmarking Benchmarking includes identifying accurate historical and / or current data against which a data set can be compared now and / or in the future. Demonstrated experience in the identification, adaption and adoption of benchmarking processes is also required.
C Data Centre
C01 Data Centre Data Centre Services Provision of expert advice and recommendations on: migration strategies, future data centre operating and governance models including best practices such as ITIL.
Assistance with key strategic documents.
Provision of services to assist with actual migration activities.
Provision of services associated with data centre operational activities including delivery "as a Service".
E Strategy
E01 Strategy ICT Strategy The provision of strategic vision and documentation associated with information and communications technology supporting ICT. This includes; strategy and plan development and evaluation, forecasting or analysis of future trends, strategic research and analysis, development of and advice on management frameworks (eg risk, service delivery management and portfolio management).
E03 Strategy Efficiency & Optimisation Design, development and maintenance of the operational tools, standards, methods, environment and protocols that enable the consistent and efficient delivery of quality outputs. This can include methodology planning and implementation, billing checking and management, development & implementation of; policies, procedures, analysis tools and standards for: integration, environment, desktop, project offices, performance and evaluation.
H Risk Management
H01 Risk Management Strategic Risk Management Considers risk from different perspectives with an organisation; strategic, programme, project and operational. Manages risks at a strategic and an organisational level and plans ongoing risk management, identifies mitigation tasks and optimising risk opportunities. Developing a risk methodology or framework.
I ICT Programs
I01 ICT Programs Program Office Standards The ability to creation or review an ICT Program Office including standards, reporting, change management, stakeholder communication, demand management, schedule management, resource management, configuration management, reporting, benefits realisation via programs, change control, governance and dependency management, project team collaboration, performance monitoring and controlling.
I02 ICT Programs Project, Program & Portfolio Management Manage a project from end to end including project mandate, initiating & business case, planning, executing, controlling, reporting and closing using a project methodology eg Prince 2®.
Manage large and complex deliverables that are broken down into manageable inter-related projects. Combines the ability and resources to define, plan, implement and integrate a program of works using a program methodology.
Support and advise senior management decision making on strategic alignment, prioritisation, risk management, optimisation of resources etc to successfully deliver their business objectives.
I03 ICT Programs Change Management Managing the business impact of implementing an ICT change to the business, including stakeholder communications, process and procedure changes, updates to or new documentation and training.
I04 ICT Programs Quality Assurance & Compliance Planned and systematic activities to fulfil quality requirements for a system, product, program or service including assured compliance. Quality assurance requires demonstrated QA methodologies, experience in control methodologies, compliance audit, diagnostic reviews, health checks, QA governance procedures and where requisite remediation plans.
L Learning Services
L01 Learning Services Learning Services Providing government with learning services, including learning strategies, needs analysis, learning design and delivery. Learning may be delivered by a range of means.
M Systems & Solutions
M01 Systems & Solutions Business Analysis Business analysis includes structured identification, analysis and documentation of requirements associated with the design, development and implementation of business systems. This includes; business requirements specification, process analysis and design, procedure development, data migration and conversion planning, development and execution of testing strategies, problem identification and resolution, assessment of training needs, liaison between technical and business staff, research and analysis (eg market and customer), risk assessment and management.
M02 Systems & Solutions Custom Application Development including delivery "as a service" Custom Application development including:
Design & Development, Enhancement, Integration & Implementation, Data Migration & Conversion, Testing, Performance & Metrics, Maintenance and ongoing support. Including provision of development, application development and support "as a Service"
M04 Systems & Solutions Other software services including delivery "as a service" Includes design, development, implementation, data migration, integration training, maintenance, configuration and support for all other software services not already included in other Systems and Solutions sub-categories. May also include support with business analysis, transformation and process change.
M05 Systems & Solutions Information Management Services including delivery "as a service" Developing business information strategies and creating systems.
Includes design, development, implementation, data migration, integration training, maintenance, configuration and support. May also include support with business analysis, transformation and process change. Covers provision of scientific, operational and administrative datasets, data management, data analysis, master data management, data warehousing, business intelligence, content management and meta data management.
M07 Systems & Solutions Software Support & Maintenance Services including delivery "as a service" Services for licensed software and /or developed software and may consist of help desk services, updates, new releases, ancillary services, ongoing maintenance services.
M08 Systems & Solutions Testing Services Includes provision of test services including but not limited to the development and delivery of testing strategies, test plans and defect identification procedures to ensure that solutions reflect requirements. This can include delivery of any or all aspects "as a Service".
M09 Systems & Solutions Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services Brokerage Services for licensed software, software asset management and optimisation, and other software maintenance, subscription and support services.
N02Software Software ApplicationsSoftware licensing and support for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, business intelligence (BI) and enterprise content management (ECM) software, computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing software, office productivity software, and any software applications not included elsewhere.