PMWeb is a comprehensive web-based portfolio, program and project management solution that provides a thorough set of management functions in a single user-configurable package.

Designed to support public and private organisations, program/project managers and contractors, PMWeb has multiple modules that combine planning, estimating, cost controls, document controls, scheduling, asset management and workflow in an easy-to-use tool.

Users have the option to choose one or more of PMWeb modules to customise and address any stage of the Plan-Build-Operate lifecycle. PMWeb is highly user-configurable, allowing processes to be aligned with one or more of:

PMWeb provides real-time interactive business intelligence dashboards and reports that are graphic-rich and actionable, comprising all aspects for tracking and managing portfolios, programs, projects and assets of all types.

PMWeb Feature Benefit
  • The Portfolio module contains all of the core tools to configure PMWeb. This includes Security Manager, Reports, Lists, Settings, Projects, Programs, Companies, Items and more. These provide our clients with complete control of their customised system.
Enterprise Level Portfolio System
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Management help to manage and track at all levels.
100% web-based with zero footprint
  • No installation or downloads needed.
  • Hassle free user setup and maintenance.
  • Secure, no ActiveX or other plug-ins of any kind.
  • Works on all major browsers including IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox and all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
All-In-One System
  • Modules and features to manage all aspects of the Plan, Build, Operate lifecycle accessed through a single interface and login.
Visual Workflow
Over 100 pre-built business processes
  • Industry standard planning, construction and facility and linear asset management processes are ready to use out of the box for fast and simple deployment.
Form Builder
  • Add your own custom business processes that automatically integrate with PMWeb’s Workflow, Security, dropdowns, custom lists, reports, and upgrades.
Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting
  • Dashboards/Reports enable unlimited drill-down, graphics, KPIs, live info.
  • Users can export information into Word/Excel/PDF.
  • Reporting is included with system.
Easy to Configure
  • In addition to having more than 100 pre-built features, PMWeb has built-in tools to allow your admin users to setup, configure, and maintain the solution. Those same features are used to quickly setup and deploy the solution tailored to your business needs.
Modern Interface and Functionality

End users expect and want modern functionality:

  • A True Web Based Application with a State of the Art Technology Stack.
  • Drag and drop functionality throughout the system.
  • Google-like smart search.
  • Copy/Paste from MS Excel directly into PMWeb.
  • Use from any web capable device: desktop/laptop/tablet/phone (Windows, iOS, Android).
  • Compatible with all email hosting programs (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and more).
  • Integration Manager/APIs – allows PMWeb to exchange data with outside Accounting, ERP, Facilities, and other 3rd Party Systems.
Multiple Deployment Options

PMWeb Offers Four Deployment Options:

  • Self-Host on your own server (either on your own premises or co-located in a secure Data Centre of your choice)
  • Self-host on equipment provided by a third-party supplier in a secure Data Centre of your choice.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – PMWeb Hosts.
  • Managed Host – Purchase software which PMWeb will Host for you - with the ability to move onto your own server in the future.
Multi-Language Support/ Multi- Currency (3 decimal)
  • Tailor the solution to use your terms, language and currency. Advanced multi-currency provides even greater flexibility.

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