HKA Global Pty Ltd is accredited with a number of State government agencies to provide ICT services, including the implementation of PMWeb. This provides Clients with the comfort that due diligence has been undertaken by multiple government organisations on HKA's capabilities. Accreditations include:

The Digital Transformation Agency’s Software Licensing and Services Panel was launched in March 2018 with Microsoft Licensing Solution Providers as the first category. The second category is for Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software Licensing and Services (SLS) and was released in March 2019. HKA and PMWeb are included as a supplier of Project and Portfolio Management software. This is a Standing Offer available to all Agencies through to 30 April 2023. HKA and PMWeb have also been included in the DTA's Whole-of-Government Cloud Services Panel with effect from July 2019 - providing simple procurement access to Cloud Services for Agencies.

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The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, in consultation with industry and NSW Government agencies, developed the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme. HKA Global Pty Ltd is accredited under both the Registered Supplier List for low risk contracts valued up to $150,000 excluding GST; and the Advanced Registered Supplier List for high risk contracts or contracts valued over $150,000. The Scheme ID is SCM0020. HKA has been accredited in the following categories since 2013, with this accreditation valid until 28 February 2024:

A03 Solution Architecture
B01 Benchmarking
C01 Data Centre  Services
E01 ICT Strategy
E03 Efficiency & Optimisation
H01 Strategic Risk Management
I01 Program Office Standards
I02 Project, Program & Portfolio Management
I03 Change Management
I04 Quality Assurance & Compliance
L01 Learning Services
M01 Business Analysis
M02 Custom Application Development including delivery "as a service"
M04 Other software services including delivery "as a service"
M05 Information Management Services including delivery "as a service"
M07 Software Support & Maintenance Services including delivery "as a service"
M08 Testing Services
M09 Software Resellers and Software Asset Management Services
N02 Software Applications
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HKA Tech is an accredited supplier of PMWeb SaaS for Local Government Procurement (LGP). LGP is a business arm of Local Government NSW (LGNSW), the membership association for all councils in NSW. LGP is also a ‘prescribed entity’ under s55 of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (NSW). This means that councils do not need to go to tender for values greater than the tendering threshold (as they normally would be required to do) and may, instead, utilise supply arrangements coordinated by LGP. Since commencing in 2006, it is estimated that LGP has been responsible for saving eligible customers hundreds of millions of dollars. This has been achieved through better pricing via economies of scale and time and opportunity cost savings in not needing to go out to tender.

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Local Buy Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Local Government Association of Queensland Ltd (LGAQ). Local Buy’s core business is the provision of comprehensive, value-adding procurement services to Queensland Local Governments and other defined Purchasers. Pursuant to s.234 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Qld) and s.224 of the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012 (Qld), Local Buy is legislatively entitled to establish Local Government Association (LGA) arrangements that constitute an exception to a council’s need to invite written quotes or tenders. Local Buy’s LGA Arrangements may be accessed by all Queensland local governments and other defined Purchasers as set out in Schedule A of the General Conditions of Contract. Government entities, including Queensland Government entities, may utilise Local Buy’s arrangements, subject to compliance with their own procurement obligations. Local Buy LGA arrangements may also be accessed by the following states and territories: The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT) was incorporated in 1992 as the single peak body representing Local Government in the Northern Territory. LGANT was established as a body corporate by virtue of Section 242 of the Local Government Act of the Northern Territory (2008) and transitions in 2021/22 to a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). LGANT has a constitution, governance charter, strategic plan and annual budget which form the mainstay of its authority and operations. LGANT is an approved Procurement Entity. The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is the voice of Local Government to other governments, interested stakeholders and the wider community. LGAT works to protect the interests and rights of councils, to promote the efficient operation of Local Government and to foster strategic and beneficial relationships. LGAT has been the peak body for Local Government in Tasmania for over 100 years (founded 1911) and is part of a national network of associations. It is funded by councils and other income earned through projects sponsored on behalf of Local Government, and a range of services and sponsorships. LGAT is an incorporated body under the Local Government Act 1993. The objectives of LGAT are to promote the efficient administration and operation of Local Government in the State of Tasmania, to represent and protect the interests, rights and privileges of members of LGAT, to foster and promote relationships between Local Government in Tasmania and with the government of Tasmania and the Commonwealth of Australia and to provide support services to members of LGAT. LGAT Procurement (within LGAT) helps councils save time, save money and reduce procurement risk by providing access to panel arrangements/contracts managed by experts. See:

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GITC accreditation is an agreement by suppliers to use the GITC (Government Information Technology Contract) Framework terms and conditions. This is managed by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation. HKA Global Pty Ltd is accredited under GITC number Q-5214 for the following GITC Modules:

3 Licensed Software
4 Software Development & Modification
5 Software Support Services
6 Packaged Software
8 ICT Contracting Services
9 ICT Consultancy Services
10 Managed Services
11 System Integration Services
12 Telecommunications Services
13 Internet Services
14 Data Services

HKA Global Pty Ltd was accredited by QAssure (QAssure number 10453) during the period when the Queensland Government required QAssure accreditation as part of its procurement processes (this has not been the case since 2017). QAssure accreditation is an independent assurance provided by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland that an ICT business is commercially sound.

HKA Tech is on the Victorian Government's eServices Register, a list owned by the Department of Premier & Cabinet, in categories that include ICT Application Expertise, ICT Architecture & Design, ICT Benchmarking, ICT Business Process Expertise, ICT Cloud Services, ICT Industry Sector Expertise, ICT Learning Services, ICT Programs, ICT Risk Management, ICT Security Management, ICT Services Management, ICT Strategy & Analysis and ICT Systems & Solutions.

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HKA Tech is on the South Australian Government’s eProjects Plus Panel. This Panel is an online facility established by the SA Government (State) to enable State agencies to procure project-orientated ICT services and cyber security services from pre-qualified suppliers using a standardised contract and related processes. The pre-qualification process involves an assessment of supplier capacity, capability, financial and insurance status. The original eProjects Panel was launched in 2007. A new $4.4 million eProjects Plus Portal was launched in September 2015. The eProjects Plus Panel can be used for in-scope projects and services from $700K to $4.4M (incl. GST), incorporating longer-term engagements such as application development and maintenance and software-as-a-service offerings.

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HKA Global Pty Ltd was accredited by the Department of Finance in Western Australia to provide Contract Systems Solutions under Common Use Arrangement CUACSS2013 for the three-year period from 2013 to 2016. This CUA provided government agencies with both ‘off the shelf’ and customised software that delivers an entire business solution encompassing all of the business support functions and associated modules. The Government discontinued the CUA effective 27 October 2016; however agencies may still access the same functionality directly, including:

  • Contract Development
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Risk Management.
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